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Double Take: Daughter's IEP addition worth fighting for

Larry, sounds like you are making a lot of assumptions yourself. If there is a bonifide benefit to this student afforded by participation then this is appropriate. Did you get cut yourself? Still bitter? I would be interested to know how many schools have a written policy based upon talent (none) to which you are referring. The question being: is the right to the opportunity to participate the same for a disabled student as for a nondisabled student? For many students the need to find a way to fit in (athletics, social clubs, etc) allows them the confidence and courage to benefit from an education they otherwise would not have. You also assume someone would need to be cut in order for a disabled student to participate and I don't believe this is always a necessity. Many schools allow additional positions on teams which do not comprimise the program, or guarantee playing time etc, but do allow children to participate.

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