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Baker coach to retire at season’s end

What a huge loss for Baker. Rick has been a great ambassador for the college. He'd make an excellent atheltic director at Baker.

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NE Kansas buoyed by stimulus funds

Article ain't even close to being accurate. The Corps is spending the 5 mil in their parks (Overlook, Bloomington, Rockhaven, Woodridge), on their roads and replacing their equipment. NOT in the state park.

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

My problem with the Wakie is the environmental impact that this mass of people does to the park. I tried to read each blog to find just one comment about that but to be honest I was getting a headache. I am amazed that since Larryville thinks their such environmentally green whackos (SLT) that a pissy fit hasn't been blogged regarding the degradation, litter, soil compaction, impacts to buildings/facilities etc. Talk about speaking out of both sides of your mouth. I guess if the state park was using a herbicide to stay weeds then the wackos would then get their underwear in a knot.

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Museum sculpture design unveiled

The museum is located in the Corps of Engineers Bloomington Park at Clinton Lake.

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How do you feel about having the Wakarusa Festival in the Lawrence area?

Not one comment from anyone about the degradation and impact to public park property because of the Wakie! I was just there and numerous private and vendor vehicles are stuck in the muck from the rain events. By tomorrow it'll be quagmire. I'd think you eco minded folks would have been all over that but if its for music and its such a "family" event then I guess you think its OK. Pathetic.

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Dead fish at Clinton are 'normal'

My take on the shad fish kill is that it was caused from the excess drugs discarded at the state park Wakie Fest that has leached into the lake. The toxicity of those drugs caused the fish kill. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Wakarusa music festival considers venue change

The bigger issue here is what is the intent/purpose of Clinton State Park? The feds leased this ground to the state for parks and recreation usage. Is a music festival a type of parks and rec use.....some of you would say H*** yes. But guys like me would say not even close. I always felt that our parks....local, state or federal should be managed for a family environment. The facade the promoter puts out is that families are welcome and some festive goers do take their families there. But how many parents would subject their kids to all the other crap that goes on other than music at the Wakie? And yes the festive goers are pigs. I've seen the state park the day after it closed. Not only is it literally trashed but the ground degradation is to the point of no repair. Plus....all the fecus and TP in the Overlook Park under trees and bushes used by festive goers who just couldn't hold it. This ain't a good use of one of the few public parks we have in the county much less the state of Kansas.

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Oread skyline

Actually they are cave people. Citizens against virtually everything.

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Park weeds

I've been reading this blog with great amusement. To effectively convert cool season grass like fescue to warm season grass like buffalo grass, you'd need to spray the cool season grass with a herbicide like Round-up probably twice to be thorough. I work with farm chemicals daily. If you read the labels for most over the counter herbicides like weed or grass eradicators, you'll find that with the proper use they are extremely safe.

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Hunter education class scheduled

To clarify a point made in the above article. Hunter education is NOT required while hunting on your own land. Also, you do NOT need a take a hunter's education course to hunt within Kansas if you were born prior to July 1, 1957. That said, I still recommend that hunters take the course especially if your children are required to take it.

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