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Statehouse Live: Labor groups suffer blow in Kansas House

I am also a teacher. I find it very disheartening people want to bash teachers. We are not just teachers, we are counselors, substitute parents, and friends to those whose parents are too busy. We encourage students to have good work ethics, because some of our students do not have anyone else to teach those values to them. As I read recently, during the Newtown disaster, teachers were considered heroes, now you think of us as bullies and thugs. For those of you who think we are overpaid, most teachers do not work from 7:50 - 3:50 (8 hours). We are here early and sometimes as late as 8, 9, or even 10 at night. No we are not messing around, we are working; trying to find other ways to teach a concept so the students can better understand or grading papers. Our summers are off? I have to continue my education to be able to teach. No the district does not pay for my continuing education. I do! We work during the summer to find new ways to incorporate technology into the classroom, collaborate with other teachers to better help the students and work at making our classroom a better environment for the students to work.

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