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Letter: Fluoride evil?

For your answer, check out this brief video:
Sodium Fluoride is a very toxic chemical, that is hazardous to our health. This chemical has a Health Hazard rating of 3 (High), and the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) lists this as a chemical that is NOT to be all. Many cities across the country have investigated, and removed Sodium Fluoride from their drinking water. But dont take my word for it, here is the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on NaF (Sodium Fluoride)

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Letter: Fluoride evil?

Umm...just because you want to drink fluoridated water (or eat untested GMO food) to your hearts content does not mean that everyone else does. However, please feel free to do so, its your personal choice. Just don't try to force your opinion/will on others. Did you know that article/link is flawed? Do you know that certain scrupulous companies will push biased 'news' articles and research to spin in their favor? Want to see another study? (there are many):

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