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For sale by owner: Baldwin City school buildings

There was a show on HGTV about a small town school that was converted into a hotel. They kept lockers, trophy case,etc. Even used gym for conference room for business meetings. Alums loved to come back and stay in their old school and share stories. There doesn't seem to be an abundance of hotels in Baldwin and with Baker University as well as other events, they might be able to support a hotel.

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Lawrence man, among the few ticketed for Fourth of July fireworks, awaits his day in court

Wow! What a guy! Look at the lesson he is teaching his children . What other laws does he ignore because he doesn't like them? His behavior is an example of disregard for others and the law. How about he works to have the ban revoked and until then do like the rest of us do, and respect the law and find an alternative way to celebrate. McManis needs to grow- up and quit acting like a spoiled child.

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Editorial: Hardly a ban

While I have mixed feelings about the fireworks ban, I do think we are teaching our children that it is ok to selectively obey the law. Children are pretty straight forward and learn by example. No matter how we feel about the ban, I think we should either obey and law or change it. "Children learn what they live."

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Contentious issue of lighted tennis courts near LHS to be discussed again by city commissioners

The lights are not for the children. School district has said numerous times, they do not need lights, The lights are for the Lawrence Tennis Association. They plan to use the courts for tournaments, etc. It is my understanding they will use the courts 4 nights a week, plus tournament play. The LTA is a "club" of sorts, requiring membership, etc. They are looking for a site that is free, as opposed to paying a fee. The school kids do not have night games.

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City ordinance lands unlicensed solicitors in jail

I love this sign I saw on Pinterest.
No Soliciting!
We are too broke to buy anything.
We know who we are voting for,
We have found Jesus.
Unless you are selling Thin Mints,
Please go away!!

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City set to finalize curbside recycling program to begin October 2014; monthly rate $2.81

Does the monthly fee charged to customers cover all costs, including wages to city workers, fuel costs, truck maintenance, cost for containers, etc., or is the city chipping in?

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Sound Off: Snow throw

Snow in the street has been treated with sand and salt, Don't really want that on my yard!

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Curbside recycling deal in the works

The Hamm's proposal uses city workers to pick up and haul recycleables. The other companies use their own employess, and are less expensive. Who pays the city employees? They surely won't be expected to do all that extra for no pay. Does that extra pay come from Hamms, or is it one more way the Hamms proposal will cost more.

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LHS grad has role in inaugural parade

So proud of you John!

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Sound Off: This summer, crews from Sunflower Paving were tearing out and replacing curbing along Six

Sunflower Paving may do a nice job on streets, etc., but certainly are not friendly in the neighborhoods. We live in west Lawrence, and while they were working on our street, workers were parking in yards, going over curbs to do so, and parking on the wrong side of the street, etc. When residents asked them to move, they were not receptive, but did move when PD was called.

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