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’Hawks fly past Redbirds to WNIT final

That's awsome! Way to go Lady Hawks!!

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Bill to abolish death penalty gets hearing

The DP needs to be abolished. Most expensive part of penitiary system with least effect on deterring crime. Only about 1% of DP cases result in conviction and those with fat purses almost never get convisted (OJ Simpson).

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Jim Ellena, former auto dealer, dies at 61

Did, real mature to "investigate" posters on here and hide behind your own anonymous self. Being an nurse is what I do not who I am. And, having a hyphonated name doesn't mean anything. Now go lay at Marion's feet and wait for your pat on the head.

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Jim Ellena, former auto dealer, dies at 61

Oh for crying out loud. I was commenting on the reporting....all it listed was the businesses he owned. Big whoop. What about any charitable work? What made him any more special than any other business owner in Lawrence. Cartainly, my condolences to the Ellena family, meaning no disrespect. Just thought the article was lacking, in other wise, not news worthy (and yes I meant to spell it that way).

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Jim Ellena, former auto dealer, dies at 61

This is news worthy?

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United Kingdom bars Phelps clan entrance

The more attention the media gives this group, the more power it gives this group. I watched the British documentary . It was sad the lives their children are faced and that many accept that they will not marry or find that kind of 'human" love. Fred is looking old and feeble, but the light of hatred burns bright in his eyes.

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KMBC, KCWE return to Sunflower Broadband lineup

Enjoying Channel 9 for free.....rabbit ears and DTV box =)

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Mail just 5 days a week?

Sign of the times.Soon the postal carrier will be extint, just like the switchboard operator, the milkman, and the gas attendents.

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Don’t smoke in public places

Veronica's letter is spot-on. She's presented her view point without brow beating or belittling. Unlike some "grown ups" here.

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Obama tells crowd that we 'must choose hope over fear'

Sour grapes, Snap?

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