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A new Kansas River trail and city nature area near Burcham Park may be in the works

Where is this again? How can it be "below the Clinton Lake Dam" and yet also be "overlooking the lake." ?

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14-year-old Lecompton girl sues Brownback administration over CO2 emissions

Wow bozo,
Talk about cherry-picking one phrase out of that link to discredit Bill, but forgetting that basic notion of context.

For those that don't click on links (I usually don't except in cases like this where 2 people use the same link to make their point), here is the full text that includes both bozo's and Bill's takes. This is the first mention of the U.S. in the linked article, so I'm not conveniently leaving out information that hurts either's argument, just so you know. :-)

"CO2 emissions in the United States in 2011
fell by 92 Mt, or 1.7%, primarily due to
ongoing switching from coal to natural gas
in power generation and an exceptionally
mild winter, which reduced the demand for
space heating. US emissions have now
fallen by 430 Mt (7.7%) since 2006, the
largest reduction of all countries or
regions. This development has arisen from
lower oil use in the transport sector (linked
to efficiency improvements, higher oil
prices and the economic downturn which
has cut vehicle miles travelled) and a
substantial shift from coal to gas in the
power sector."

So there you have it in context fellow readers. I'm not arguing one vs the other, but just don't like folks being misled. So after reading the whole thing from the link, is there even a mention of the "single largest reason for the drop"?

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A note about recent changes

How come I can't view the last half of the comments on this thread? Another glitch? Last one I can see is from June 26th.

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A note about recent changes

Can we have an update Alex on when the issues will be fixed?

I use my phone only for internet access and ever since the "update", I am unable to view the regular site, which means I can't view pictures or video, and it's incredibly difficult to find things on the stripped down, dumbed down mobile version.

Any information at all would be great. Thank you.

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Power restored to thousands of Westar Energy customers north of Sixth Street

Thanks for the info. Obviously this isn't your call, but with the millions spent in infrastructure in the construction of our electrical grids, power lines, substations, etc - would it be prudent to NOT make the substations "open overhead"? Just a thought, since obviously birds and squirrels seem to easily take them down as they are currently designed.

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Power restored to thousands of Westar Energy customers north of Sixth Street

Hi Whitney. Can you ask Mr Nick Bundy exactly how a bird flies "into" a substation? I'm curious, do they have little doors on those things and one was left open? Or are they not protected whatsoever by an outer steel or metal casing. Can you get a better/more detailed explanation for us? Thanks Whitney.

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