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Letter: Voter access

Cold agree more with Laura Routh! You all have done a remarkable job.

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Statehouse Live: State agriculture secretary calls for repeal of laws restricting corporate farms

Not to worry one little bit Conservative Kansans, you won't mind the methane will you? It won't be in your backyard anyway, will it? The Christian Crusader will take care of everything for you and with a bit of further tweaking here and there and the completely unfettered Free Market, Corporate Entitlements and Privatization, it will all be fixed just as he planned. Don't forget! Sam is all for the small business owners, they are the job creators! And Sammy is well on the way to having it HIS way, it is GOD's plan for Sam and he has a direct line to The SupremeKoch's just to scoot things in the Right direction. It's all in the BIBLE, it really is no kidding. Just make sure you get the King Sams version with the big print. Everything is in the Bible, even scripture to guide the faithful on immigration..........

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Letter: Credibility?

Even in death the GOP is dead and there is a stench to prove it! Run by the elected clones of Corporate America they have lied and cheated all the way to the bank and yet, they are unsated. There will never be enough to quench the thirst of these vampires. Time to drive a stake through the heart of Free Market Capitalism.

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Opinion: Singapore shuns U.S.-style entitlements

Entitlements for the Rich and the Corporations who own this country, you know all those folks who are the fantasy job creators, are banking on holding onto their entitlements.

The reason we have this article is because Cal needed to make a quick buck stumping for his rich friends and Dolf needed to fill space in the paper. It's simply typical Republican blather and nothing more.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Bowersock name not forgotten to this family

Nice story Chad and well done! Thank you.

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Opinion: The rules of war are changing

I suggest a thought provoking documentary film on the subject of "the war on terror" as seen through the eyes of 6 high ranking retired Israeli spies. After seeing it, consider the value of the of continuing this "war" as a way of life and it's consequences.

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Opinion: Obama overreaching on tax plans

Another nonsensical bla bla bla from the ever intellectual sounding, George Will and with sour grapes dripping from his smarmy mind.

OK! Now LJW, let's hear what Faux Nuz Krauthammer has to say. Whoops! Guess he is still wiping the deer caught in the headlights look off his face just like Grover Norguist. It's truly amazing the things money can't buy, like WIN based on a lie and liar!!

Please please, tell us more lies about corporations and the 1%'ers needing more entitlements to sweeten the pot of success and how jobs and small business will be destroyed by allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire. Lions and tigers and bears....... More lies please.......

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Editorial: Waiting game

Look no further than our own dearly beloved ---- Sam Brownbackward and his band of Heaven on Earthers.

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Names of driver and cyclist in Tuesday accident released

No matter what, this is a tragic accident and respect for everyone concerned should be honored.
No one on this blog actually knows knows anything for certain. If anyone of you negative commenters were involved you would desire the same respect.

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Costs, scope of proposed recreation center escalate

Does anyone smell graft in the air!

Move the sacred stone cow, Allen field house, out there too! It's a shovel ready project at the ready, to make millions for the millionaire's! Just what this sleepy little town needs to put Lawrence on the map as The destination point for worship at, "The Mega Church of Sports On The Prairie".

Faux Pastor Brownbackward(with his deep pockets connections) needs to jump right on this big job-creator and claim it as his own for the LORD and claim it as a "little piece of heaven on earth" right here in his own backyard Kingdom.

It ought to be completed just in time to have a God Sanctioned F-5 blow through here so he can get the newly privatized FEMA to come in and help pay for the clean up. Sounds like a yet another dream come true for the millionaire's club.

Imagine, Lawrences first "you did build that" project! What a relief that we finally have a joint business partnership only fit The Kings and all private sector financing too - dammed BIG GOV involved. This must be Heaven!!

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