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Lawrence Community Shelter moves into new home

A guest of the shelter for 16 months? Doesn't sound like he's too "committed to a shelter program and actively working to get out of homelessness."

Is the new place a dry facility?

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The Lawrence We Remember: Things We Miss

err New Hampshire, not Connecticut.

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The Lawrence We Remember: Things We Miss

Richardson's Music on 9th. Then on Connecticut. Then in the alley under Fields. Now on 8th.
There will only be one Stomper......

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Attack that knocked out teen’s teeth also shattered family’s sense of security

Leavenworth is a federal prison. Jaeger was convicted on state charges.

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"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives": An update

Terrebonne, La Familia & Mirth in Larry - although Paradise would have been perfect. Shuttle, Pyrmid & Kenos are great Lawrence staples too. Johnny's north of the river isn't bad but is no longer anything special since they don't have the chicken gravy for the fries anymore - but Cajun Night is a great feature.
However, there is no better representation of what triple D embodies than Porubsky's in North Topeka. Ahh, the pickles.

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Connecticut Street reopens; crews will continue work on water meter Friday

LJWorld - Will the broken water meter have an impact on homes in the area?

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Holiday snowstorm will prove costly to city

City could clear $2K on my block alone ticketing homeowners for not clearing their sidewalks....sounds like it's time to enforce that ordinance! They could make up that $300K bill quickly, and then some!

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Police investigating evening auto burglaries

LJW - would it be too much to include where the 900 block of April Lane Court is? Such as...."900 block of April Lane Court, near xxx and xxx."

If your goal is to inform the public of what is happening in their community, then give people a clear idea of where the crime took place. Using police lingo is a 'cop' out and poor communication skills.

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Great American Smokeout is Nov. 19; story wins award

I too quit using Chantix - however it is not for everyone. It can really, really mess with you. Vivid, strange dreams. Nausea. Forgetfulness - in fact it was really the forgetfulness and a will to do that got me to quit.

My insurance covered the first month of the prescription but refused to cover the remaining 2 months - so I was on my own. The day my insurance cut me off, I signed up for a 5K - with the goal to finish - run, walk or crawl. As we were running by one of the water/aid stations, a volunteer was smoking and blowing it at the runners. I have never wanted to smoke again. And now I run 5 days a week...hoping to run a half marathon next year.

I will agree it was the best thing I ever did, it was also the hardest thing I ever did. Pills won't do it for you - but Chantix, at least for 4 weeks, actually made me forget to take that smoke break!

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D.A. calls Lawrence Memorial Hospital turning away rape victims 'unconscionable'

This is outrageous! LMH and its leadership are questionable at best regarding routine medical issues, but to turn away alleged victims of such horrendous crimes is unfathomable. And children, really?

For those who think the DA is raising this issue as a political move - shame on you! These are serious allegations - who else but the county's top law enforcement officer should bring them to light? This is what we pay the man for! And if someone else (an officer, a victim) did say something, would you listen?

This is an egregious violation of the mission of a hospital – much less our ONLY community hospital. Our doctors and nurses are bound by the Hippocratic Oath – is Gene Meyer or his administration? Do these people have morals and/or common decency?

Doctors and nurses of LMH, what do you have to say about this? Must you be specially trained to do this – and M.D.s, didn’t you put in 8 years of school plus residency (and for some, a fellowship) to care for such patients?

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