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Police respond to multiple incidents overnight, numerous arrests made

Oh my gosh....our tax dollars were actually in use last night. JenniferMyers turned on the police scanner and heard there was work to be done. Oh my, everyone turn your police scanners on because they were put to work. If it was that surprising to you, then why even bother turning on the police scanner? Obviously, not that surprising. Also, I arrived at the party right before that happened as a designated driver. You spill a drink on the police officer and the big 250 pound police officer tackled a 21 year old girl and yes she was about 115 pounds because we are about the same size and that is what I weigh. Although I may be a pound off .... forgive me for guessing incorrectly. I love how she says she knows the family so well and spells out their names so everyone knows who they are. You must not have much going on in your family household to be talking about others. Yes, she may be trying to go to med school and it sounds like you are a person who is envious of others and was glad to have heard this happen to Megan. Also, you don't know the facts because as you stated you were supposedly spending time listening to the scanner (or should I say watching football and spending time with your family because your mother of the year) HAHAHA. Well, it's really sad how others judge without knowing the FACTS. I saw that girl get tackled and thrown to the ground on her face with her legs wrapped around her head (fetal position) and her hands out on the floor not fighting back. Since, a drink was spilled on an officer, oh my gosh, it's the biggest assault ever!!! Can you believe he had bruises from that drink and he had a black eye and his nose was bleeding. OH wow, she really did a number on that officer. You must not like their family too sound like a desperate housewife....if you have ever watched that (since you only have great intentions in your life and never made a mistake MRS KNOW IT ALL!) That's alright though, cause they are the finest police officers and they are never wrong! Also, JPINKMAN, I agree and I also support the story of Jayhawk135 as I was there too (whoever you are).

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