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What is your favorite scary movie?

The original Halloween because the scare factor is primarily psychological.

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State argues court can't order more funding for schools; two justices say state broke its promise

The judges didn't cross their Constitutional limits. Their ruling simply stated that the Legislature didn't uphold and meet the funding requirements spelled out in the Constitution.

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Who in your life has been affected by breast cancer?

A good friend, my aunt, and my great grandmother.

My aunt was the only one who survived.

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Letter: Future at stake

They can try all they want but they aren't going to get anywhere. The Supreme Court already voted 5-4 in favor of ACA determining that the law was Constitutional.

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Letter: Future at stake

Prohibition never was liked except for the teetotalers who pushed it through. It was repealed for multiple reasons including the explosion in organized crime it created, the bad and toxic bootleg which was killing people, and the need for the government to collect taxes during the depths of the Depression. Kansas is still living in the '30s on the issue of alcohol because the majority of the counties are still "dry."

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Letter: Future at stake

I'd say that all the ultra-conservative Tea Party candidates who were elected last fall and those who voted for them will finally realize within a couple of weeks that the "no compromise at any price" stance never could have and never will work.

The only people to blame for this ludicrous situation are the American voters.

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Dunks to be on display at Late Night

Oh the fun of bifocals. Sometimes what I read at first is much more entertaining than the reality. The first time I read the headline I thought it said, "Drunks to be on display at Late Night."

One time when I was on 23rd sitting at the Louisiana stoplight I looked at the Wendy's marquee. What it actually said was "Try our Bacon." First time I read it I thought it said, "Try our Raccoon."

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Letter: Age issue?

I think the point she was trying to make had to do with ageism and that doctors over 60 are being dismissed as not being a viable option just because of their chronological age.

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Kansas officials on new health exchange: Be patient

We can thank Brownback for the problem. He refused to accept the federal dollars provided to the State to set up the exchange because he said he was going to wait until after the Presidential election. He thought the Affordable Care Act was going to be shot down and didn't have a "Plan B."

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Davis, Schodorf gain support from Kansas AFL-CIO

They both already have my vote. I already liked Paul Davis' voting record.

However I'll admit that even if Major Astro and Captain Kangaroo were running against Brownback and Kobach. I'd vote for the Major and Captain Roo before the two current scary clowns.

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