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Supporters of DREAM Act rally against Kobach

And your point is?

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Supporters of DREAM Act rally against Kobach

Many Kansans label themselves as liberals because they cannot stomach the idea that they've become common socialists. It saddens me that moronic layabouts and illegal aliens now outnumber the working class. And it angers me that Obama’s directive is nothing more than a contrivance that bought DREAM Act votes, in spite of congressional opposition. Fact is, we love the kids just like the socialists say they do. But we despise what their parents did to them. So here's a new deal for the next administration. Keep the kids and deport the parents. Those kids suddenly would become ordinary adult Americans and pay out-of-state tuition, income taxes and insurance -- just like the rest of us and our kids. Define kids as high school graduates under 21 -- not 30 -- and require verification. And if they fail to graduate from an accredited college within six years, deport them to their parents. If they fail to become felony-free citizens within five years after graduation from college, deport them to their parents. Finally, I'd make this a one time offer that expires in six months. After that, no more free stuff of any kind. Close the program and the border with military force.

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