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Former downtown Lawrence piano bar converted into pool hall, tavern

Yes, Prof. Hill, you're right.

Trouble, oh we got trouble,
Right here in River City!
With a capital "T"
That rhymes with "P"
And that stands for Pool

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Brownback running for re-election

Of course he's running for a second term. He's only half done ruining the state!

June 21, 2013 at 8:47 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas caverns could preserve human race, developer claims

General "Buck" Turgidson: Doctor, you mentioned the ratio of ten women to each man. Now, wouldn't that necessitate the abandonment of the so-called monogamous sexual relationship, I mean, as far as men were concerned?

Dr. Strangelove: Regrettably, yes. But it is, you know, a sacrifice required for the future of the human race. I hasten to add that since each man will be required to do prodigious... service along these lines, the women will have to be selected for their sexual characteristics which will have to be of a highly stimulating nature.

Ambassador de Sadesky: I must confess, you have an astonishingly good idea there, Doctor.

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