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Ordinance could silence panhandlers

Call an agency any of them today bearded gnome and I want you to tell me what funding they have available. I will tell you it is NO FUNDING. People cant be charitable because they have no income of their own to be charitable with. Handouts? So I ask you have you ever had to put your pride aside and ask for help before? Maybe you dont realize exactly how demeaning it can be and yeah you usually dont see the people like families out on the street that actually need help but I want you to open your eyes and think about what drove them to do that is what I ask of you. There is no emergency housing to help get these people off the streets not unless you want to wait three years cause you were evicted because of non payment of rent. OH, and you probably are waiting on disability that they deny at least three times before they give it to you. Your solution is to say hide them and get them away from me cause "i'm scared". I say find a better solution and dont ever judge someone unless you know them personally. There are people that have drug problems and they want to do that why? Maybe they are miserable cause they are homeless...ever considered that possibly people dont like the reality they live and thats why they do drugs? Get them cleaned up and again you got to find a oxford house that would accept them and they cant get jobs cause they have no address no phone number...I am going to keep talking but it will make no difference to the people that just dont want to be reminded that they COULD make a difference if they wanted to but decided that its easier to label people and say its all their own fault. I will tell that to the next battered woman and her kids that have no home. Its their fault and they are lazy bums...

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Ordinance could silence panhandlers

So a few vs. how many? Do you know that the average age of a homeless person in the state of Kansas is seven old? SEVEN. Yeah, some will do ANYTHING to feed their family and I will help them. Yeah, some people have mental health issues or drug problems>I commend you herman for offering them a job but just because a few turned it down does not mean that a few more would not have done it very happily. I just think that one experience that is bad should not tarnish the people that really do need help and are pushed to that point and I am not going to judge them cause I know that it does not take more than a few missed paychecks to become homeless. But I suppose according to most here that would make me a lazy bum if I lost my job and became homeless because of a company layoff and I lived paycheck to paycheck like most every working class citizen. I know," just get rid of it and pretend its not there cause we dont want to see it cause it makes us feel bad". You all can do that and you will not see the seven year old kids crying cause they have no supper or place to live. You just let your one or two bad experiences color the whole thing. I feel terribly bad for you.

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Ordinance could silence panhandlers

WOW...lots of judging going on here. How about lets help get people jobs and help the disabled have a place to live and have food. What the hell makes people assume that these people are even CAPABLE of having a job. I am SO sorry that the happy little people do not like being asked for money on the street but do you now their circumstance? I keep seeing get a job get a job well how about you people give them a job to do for their quarter? Since you all want them to work then give them a job. I will still help someone in need and not be a greedy SOB. These people have needs just like everyone else and they are intitles to a little bit of respect and if you have not been there then quit being judge and jury cause only god will judge and last I heard GREED was a sin.

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