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Federal officers make drug arrests in Douglas, Johnson counties; eight suspects are from Lawrence

That's generally the difference between working for a living and being a successful businessman.

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Federal officers make drug arrests in Douglas, Johnson counties; eight suspects are from Lawrence

All the things you mentioned are caused by the law, not things the law is meant to prevent.

Not enforcing the law would reduce the problems you mention. Eliminating the law would eliminate the problems.

Which is not to say that every dollar we spend getting weed off the street is a dollar our government has to borrow to no one's benefit (except for the for-profit prison owners and the pharmaceutical companies and the weapons manufacturers).

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Democrats say Kobach's office lost candidate's paperwork to run for office; Kobach's office said documents were never received

It was all at the last minute, because the Republican legislature failed miserably at both of the two things they needed to do this year. They failed to produce any legislative maps, requiring the federal judiciary to draw them (which is okay by me, because they delivered much better maps than the clearly incompetent Republican State Legislature considered). The maps were finished at 9:30 Thursday night with a noon Friday filing deadline, which Kobach refused to extend because he's not very good at his job.

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Evolution returns

My education also gave me a really hazy idea of what Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hindi are all about. Although, since I went to a private Christian school, it did give me a good idea of what Christianity was about and why I didn't want anything to do with it.

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Storm misses Lawrence — evidence of the Tonganoxie split?

Oh, come on. Don't go trying to explain away God's wrath on Lawrence with the fact that it doesn't actually exist. If it weren't for the Tonganoxie Split, then Lawrence would have the same climate as Seattle.

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Brownback to speak at national anti-abortion event

Your "life begins at conception" argument is opposed to hormonal birth control, because one of the reasons it works so well is that it does not allow fertilized eggs to implant, causing an abortion.

So, again: do we consider human life as beginning at conception or do we ban the most popular forms of birth control?

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Brownback to speak at national anti-abortion event

Good to see the anti-family planning crowd out here giving us one of two options:

1. You oppose birth control, OR
2. You don't have any idea how ladyparts work but still think you get to have a say about them.

If your policy positions require you to remain ignorant to retain them, probably better to rethink your positions.

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National group seeks repeal of 'Stand Your Ground' law in Kansas

Personally, I impress bandits by being big and scary. Figure if someone pulls a gun on me and I'm unarmed, I might get shot. If someone pulls a gun on me and I have a gun, I will get shot. Then they'll walk because they'll claim I attacked them.

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Tax gamble

It's what you owe for the privilege of calling yourself an American. If you don't like it, then Somalia has open borders and no taxes.

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Latest tax cut proposal drives state budget to major shortfalls, according to projection

Nope, none.

Brownback's goal is to turn us into Appalachia.

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