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Letter: Fear sells guns

During a conversation with several former coworkers and NRA members last week, the statement that drew the most praise during the "gun laws" part of it was, "That (trigger) can't last forever, somebody will get him." When (even at my age) it was realized by the group I was totally prepared to engage in a fist fight over the statement the subject changed. It was far from the first time I have heard these type of comments made. Just what am I supposed to think?

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Letter: Fear sells guns

I've been a gun owner and hunter in this state for well over 40 years. I've shot trap and sporting clays in competition for over 20. I own shotguns, rifles, and handguns. Every gun I presently own, I bought after completing a background check. It's easy, and consumes very little time. In the past, I've sold dozens of guns privately, without background checks. I'd be hard pressed to tell you where 10% of those guns are now. Knowing that, and knowing that the preponderance of firearms confiscated in Chicago since 2008 were originally purchased in other states bothers me. Gun ownership is a right, granted. But with rights comes responsibility. I find it interesting that the very people that are screaming from the rafters about the need of strict ID laws to protect the integrity of the vote totally dismiss the notion of universal background checks to help protect the integrity of firearms ownership.

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