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Teaching about Thanksgiving in a multicultural society

I love Thanksgiving, the time of fellowship, the turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Please, someone, ask these teachers with a political correctness agenda to stop trashing the customs of good Americans of all descents. This idea that "stereotyping" is always evil is reverse racism. I am sick of the perverse political agendas of sick, well meaning teachers. I taught high school for ten years and I know what kind of an almost anti-American spirit some have. Let's just enjoy Thanksgiving and be thankful for that early time of harmony between two different races. The one day (at least) of harmony is what ought to touted rather than this sick idea of agitating racism under the guise of being anti-racist.

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Kansas Supreme Court disbars Lawrence attorney

It just seems that there is little leeway between getting your license suspended and being disbarred. Furthermore, there seems to be no structure devised to rehabilitate professional people. I know of a fine osteopath in Kansas City who lost his license because he also believed in the validity of some alternative medicine. His practice became very popular and the other physicians in the city seemed jealous. He lost one patient due to a heart attack, a complaint was filed, and he lost his license to practice against the protests of hundreds of his satisfied patients. Others lost patients and never lost their license.

But, you're right. Some circumstances call for the maximum penalty and there is no wiggle room at all. Only an insider could really know, I suppose.

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Kansas Supreme Court disbars Lawrence attorney

You know, there is probably a percentage of attorneys with no ethics and little or no morals. And they are not disbarred. As far as going around "high", that is certainly not an oddity either. Have you ever heard the joke about the Muslim terrorists who captured 50 lawyers and put them in a cave? They threatened to release ten every hour until their demands were met. This particular attorney is down on his luck, and every one is piling on. Pitiful.

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Alumni, locals react to Perkins' retirement

Methinks the athletic director thing is a tempest in a teapot boiling over. He'll be gone and the sun will rise again. The university can't survive without good academics and academics can't survive (as part of a world class university) without a vibrant, lucrative sports program. What is really earth shaking is the realignment of the conferences. The rivalries of especially Missouri and Nebraska affect attendance and interest. I assume K-State will always be there.

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Group urging legislators to hike cigarette sales tax by $1 per pack

The black market business will boom. The sale of "roll your own" equipment will be up, too. Soon, tobacco will be as costly as marijuana. I admit the idea of taxing unpopular, harmful consumer items is becoming popular in the search by the bloated, money-hungry government. Sweets, sugar, (tea? ala George III), trans fats, caffeine, and other items are all potential targets in the voracious search for more of our money for the government to take and spend. We are only working until May (I believe) each year now to support this black hole.

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Tea Party in Kansas a loose, intentionally unorganized group

Freedom of speech and public expression of opinion is one of the dwindling number of personal liberties left in the growing totalitarian system a la George Orwell that we find ourselves engulfed in. I am glad that the two-party system finds itself challenged.

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