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Mirth Cafe closing Monday, moving to new location downtown

So in less than a year Nader has lost three storefront tenants in that building. Maybe if he ever fixed the roof and drains...

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Mayor wants to get rolling on discussion about depot's use as transit hub

I'm all for mass transit, and I don't mind subsidizing it, either. BUT...the location is a head scratcher. I think it'd work if they maybe developed another "hub" out on 31st or something.

As to the idea of "the USA needs high speed trains", I've been saying that for years. However, the costs are currently prohibitive, and unfortunately the US cast its lot with the automobile during the post-WW2 boom. Do people realize that many of the old west Lawrence and east Lawrence streets have tracks under them? I know 8th does between Tennessee and Kentucky, and a good hunk of New Jersey as well.

Anyway, it's going to take a major cultural or social shift in perception to provide the needed impetus to move to high speed rail. I think someday we'll have it again, but not in my lifetime.

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Kansas Department of Revenue locks door on Jefferson's Restaurant in downtown Lawrence

RIP. That place was special to me. It was from going there for lunch when I first moved here 8 years ago and didn't know anyone that I started to get about downtown Lawrence more. Jason was always nice to me, and Jeff was especially nice. I will miss it.

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Manchester United's like the Yankees, right?

Payroll isn't really a good basis for comparing European football to US sports. In addition to their payroll outlay, European football clubs spend tens of millions every year during the transfer market windows. This money is spent directly on the acquisition of players. Transfer Fees as they call them. You would really have to figure that in as well.

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Slipping away :

Prior to the Husker game, none of the losses were big surprises. The S Florida game was winnable, but the OU and TTU games were predictable. You guys obviously don't have the D you had last year, and let's face it - last year's schedule should have given you guys some caution entering this season. But, be that as it may, you should have won this game. This is the first game this year where KU surprised me. Big 12 North is still doable, but you need a huge favor from ISU, which probably won't happen. Don't worry though, even if you lose to MU, they probably get smoked in the CCG.

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