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Prosecutors file battery charge in connection with early-morning altercation in 4500 block of Larissa Drive

nope no proof - but then wasn't making an accusation . just repeating what many have said who live in the area. If LJW deems it necessary to remove the comment then they should.

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Prosecutors file battery charge in connection with early-morning altercation in 4500 block of Larissa Drive

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A family affair: Josh Selby, Tyshawn Taylor hot topics at season-ending banquet

I am just really relieved we no longer have to watch Morningstar represent KU basketball. Off the court his arrogance, lack of integrity, and the degrading of women totally diminishes anything he did on the court. He always has and still thinks he is above rules, laws and just decent manners. I am not an outsider just spouting. Being from Lawrence I have watched this guy over the years and have had children of my own go to school with him. He has only gotten worse and the privilege of being a Jayhawk seems to have only encouraged his disgusting arrogance.

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Free State High School removes barrier to students with disability being part of homecoming court

Actually it is quite surprising that the homecoming king/queen tradition still exists. It is quite outdated and really proves nothing other than some sort of a weak popularity contest. It has absolutely no educational or extracurricular value. Homecoming festivities are a great tradition in welcoming alumni and celebrating school pride. However, the voting of a King/Queen is an arrogant process that serves no one.

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Kansas offensive line struggling

Still have not heard of any coaches taking responsibility for their part in the screw ups! It is not just player problems - we had some serious coaching errors!

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Eating up the landscape: Permaculture proves a yard can wield more than grass

Are there photos of the Zell's garden as it is now?

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KU’s Gridiron Club flops

For $50.00 I'll take the banner down!

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Intimidation tactic?

I agree mom_of_three! It was okay for the football and basketball teams to fight, okay for the Assistant AD to be on diversion for domestic violence, okay for Mangino himself to have "domestic disturbances", okay for extreme abusive behavior the last several years by Mangino - that is until we lose games. Perkins is his boss and bears as much responsibility in this as Mangino. Perkins, Howard, and Mangino all need to go!

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Schools to hold swine flu clinics

I thought students under 10 had to get two shots. They get the first shot then two weeks later they get the second shot. This is a good idea to have the shots during parent-teacher conferences but when would students under 10 be able to acquire their second shot?

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Brady Morningstar delivers open letter to KU fans

Brady - back up your words by your involvement in groups such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) or speaking to young people about the dangers of drinking and driving. It will be a good way to utilize your time when not traveling with the team. DECCA probably has some opportunities for you as well. If you are truly sorry and not just doing damage control by going through the motions this would have more inpact than mere words. Don't want to be cliche but.... actions do speak louder than words.

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