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For some, campground is home, even in winter

We have raised $1092 for our goal of $500 at the Indiegogo Project. This is rather overwhelming. Our thanks and appreciation go out to Sara Shepherd, the LJWorld, and all of the wonderful contributors
Yes, Clinton State Park is not a place to spend three weeks during the Winter. There are two campgrounds open. Campground 3, with a heated shower, a dump site and one running water faucet; and Campground 1 with only electric power, no restrooms or water. Campers staying more that 14 days are allowed to "flip" between campsites, if you don't have long term permission. Most "flippers" stay 14 days at each campground. There is a five day period where campers must leave the campground they were in after 14 days, then they may return for another 14 days. The cost is , with tax, $115 for the year vehicle pass and then $19.50 per day for camping and utilities, during the off-season. It is not cheap, but is the Only RV camping available in the Lawrence area, with the exception of KOA Jellystone which is very expensive.
Yes, we have considered ending this lifestyle, but, it is almost impossible to sell an old motorhome with our loan and in it's condition.
Thank You again. Diane and Gene Wallace

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For some, campground is home, even in winter

Due to the help of this article, we have just reached our Indiegogo goal of $500.00. Thank You!
For those who are wishing to contribute, the Goal of $500 is not a maximum limit. Once, again, Thank You contributors, Sara Shepherd, the Lawrence Journal World and those who shared our Project with friends on-line.

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For some, campground is home, even in winter

Our Indiegogo Project is at: Thank You Sara Shepherd for visiting us and for reporting our story.
And, Thank You to the people who have already responded.

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