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Boutique bike-oriented fitness studio slated to open in West Lawrence

Do you know if Arbys has closed on 6th street? Maybe I missed it but any information on Scratch Bakery near City Wine Market? Have you heard anything about the KC based Big Biscuit moving in out near 6th &Wak?

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Lawrence football game rescheduled — again

How did the field cause lightning in the area?

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City approves partial closure of Massachusetts Street for outdoor movie

It would cost quite a bit of money to buy either of those. Nothing fancy about either of them but their grandfathered in liquor only sales makes them rather valuable.

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Baldwin City Skillet Throw

Throwing a skillet at a dummy trying to knock its head off is weird. By the way I grew up in Baldwin.

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Baldwin City Skillet Throw


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Nearly 200 cited or arrested by special police detail working college party crowds

Ian, what where the results from the sobriety check point a few weeks ago? The KC Star makes the numbers availabe so people can see how effective they can be. How many cars were stopped vs how may citations issued and the location.

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Lawrence students outperform state on ACT exams

Check out what blue valley school district can pay it's teachers. Lawrence has lost a bunch of their beat teachers for a short comute and much better pay.

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Lawrence students outperform state on ACT exams

Thank you teachers! The administration is still bloated though.

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