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Dog being cared for at Humane Society after owner's body recovered from Kansas River

Mr. Sexton was not some nice old guy. He had felony non support (child support), drug convictions, and a sexual offense and conviction against a 14 yr old child when he was around 30 years old. He lied constantly. Not a nice guy and not someone you would want your young daughters around. He was also a lifelong drug addict and alcoholic. He lied about his military service and refused to hold a job. Get a grip folks. Some people are homeless by choice and they lie for sympathy and whatever else they can get.

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Son to adopt dog of Lawrence man found dead in Kansas River

His sons name is Brent not Brett

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Eudora woman arrested in $57,000 embezzlement case

I dealt with Advantage and Rhonda several times a few years ago...built and moved into my house in the summer- the a/c didn't seem to be keeping the house cool. during that first winter, the house was always freezing cold. since advantage had put the a/c and furnace in the house, I kept calling them to come check the units and see what was wrong. on one visit, the tech, who wouldn't talk to me, was on the phone with someone and kept saying, "I love you" and then hanging up until his phone rang again. showed me that obviously I didn't have his full attention. so he left and my house was still freezing. finally one day I heard the a/c compressor kick on when the furnace was trying to run. called advantage and told them that and this time when they came out, they informed me that the installation had been done improperly with wires crossed causing the furnace to run when I turned on the a/c and the a/c to run when the furnace kicked on. would have been nice to have a refund of the $200 gas bills I was having that winter trying to keep the house warm, or the $200 electric bills I was having that summer trying to keep the house cool. (my house is less than 1000 sq feet)
I will not ever use them again and don't refer anyone to them after my experience.

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Semi truck crashes into roundabout on George Williams Way

I asked a firefighter that one day at South Park and he said the city firefighters avoid those intersections because not all of their trucks can maneuver around the smaller roundabouts. he said it with the wryest grin I have seen in a long time

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New York man: Benefactor asked he help find missing Kansas City baby

@Pywacket...I thought the same thing...whoever vetted that headline didn't do so well

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What was the last concert you went to?

Beatles Tribute show at the Granada on 9/ was pretty awesome...they played the whole White Album front to back and then another album...good tickets through Groupon...I got my $4 worth!

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Power restored to nearly 2,000 Westar Energy customers in downtown Lawrence

ROFLMAO at the guys rock!

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of St. Patrick’s Day?

wearing of the green
drinking of the green
smoking of the green
puking of the green

(I can't take credit for that...heard it on KY 102 years ago and it stuck with me ever since!) LOL

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