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Game nights present parking peeve to campus workers

Well it looks like it's that time of year again. I have worked on campus for many years and this always happens. I will never understand how it is the fault of the parking department that games are scheduled during the week and that Allen Fieldhouse is located on campus. As it has been mentioned - people will only be affected 7 times for the ENTIRE season. 'Tis a tragedy that 7 times you might have to park in a lot that is a little further away. Never mind the fact that you can always park in the park and ride lot and take the bus. Plenty of parking to be found in the park and ride lot. Yellow lots are restricted until 4 and most other lots open up after 5 - essentially your permit does not matter after those times. So 5:30 restrictions don't really affect permit holders since the permit allows parking during restricted times - all other times it is a free for all. You are paying for a permit to park during restricted hours. Is it about the money? Maybe. Or it could be that Allen Fieldhouse is located on campus and as such parking for the games must also be on campus. Don't feel safe walking to your car? Call KUPD. Have a friend pick you up. Take some responsibility for yourself. You might as well learn to work with/around KU basketball parking because until games are no longer scheduled during the week or athletics is moved off campus this issue will always be with us.

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What is your favorite kind of dog?


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Kansas to keep working on rules for abortion clinics

Women don't wear condoms - men do. Condoms can also break, have holes, slip off. You do realize it takes two people to make a baby? So if there is a stupid mistake made it would be made by two people - both the man and the woman. Women are not solely responsible for abortions.

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Kansas legislator suggests using hunters in helicopters to control illegal immigration, likens immigrants to feral hogs

I am pretty sure you can also find Americans hooking up utilities illegally. Americans driving up the costs to Americans!

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Cancellations, closings and delays for Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011

Maybe the "secertary" just told you that so that you wouldn't call again.

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Police declare 'no evidence of threat' on campus after report of gunman

Here's the deal, I can understand not wanting to cause a panic and there is a good chance that this will be due to a mistake or a hoax but I think in light of recent events this should be treated as a very real possibility. And yes Bubbles we are on the web but goddamn it that is the only way we found out about this. Hard to focus on work when there is the possibility of rifle walking around campus.

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McLouth making its name on area diamonds

I am so happy for you Lulu!

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From 'The Hill' to Maple Hill

Now it seems to me that people from ALL OVER Kansas attend KU so why should only Lawrence be responsible?

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Dog owners question shooting

commonsense, thanks for some...well..common sense.

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2 loose dogs shot; 1 killed by police

I have never seen so many generlizations in all of my life. I am 26 and have been around dogs nearly my entire life and I have never been bitten by a dog. So no I don't think that every dog will "turn on the owner and bite them for no reason". I have been attacked by several cats but never a dog and I don't assume that all cats are agressive. Are there aggressive dogs? Absolutely. But not all dogs are agressive. There is a difference between dangerous and protective. I would not think a dog agressive if it was barking at me while I was on their owner's property, I am in their family's territory. This is a horrible situation, the police did what they deemed necessary...but it still very sad. A lady lost a member of her family today.

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