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Bill sought by opponents of Common Core standards before the Legislature

Wow! Seriously, Blackwidow? Reaching a bit much, don't you think?

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Editorial: School excellence

Yes, according to Doll at a forum, you can.

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Editorial: School excellence

Yes, at some point they could have floated a bond issue for general funds and raised teacher's pay. But with 92.5 million hanging over our heads now, the teachers can kiss that possibility goodbye.

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Editorial: School excellence

Depending on what data the magazine was looking at, they'll probably point to last year's addition of the 9th graders to the high schools as the extenuating circumstance. Class ratios are great. My son frequently has 6-10 kids in any of his classes. My other (elementary school) child, on the other hand, usually has 30-31. Hmmm, maybe the problem started earlier than high school, ya think? This district has a history of punishing elementary children with poor building conditions, large class sizes, and closed schools every couple of years. Nope, I can't imagine why our high schoolers aren't turning out as well as they used to. And still even with the bond issue passing, we're not reopening schools we've closed and buildings we already own, we're building new classrooms and bussing kids into larger expanded megamentaries in the center of town. Yeah, that'll help.

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Kansas Action for Children criticizes Brownback's plan to divert funds from children's endowment

Can't we just make him leave now and fix this mess???

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No concealed carry in Lawrence schools

Their is a difference here that some people are mixing up. It is between Lawrence police officers (SRO-School Resource Officers) or Teachers carrying guns. This article says school teachers and staff will not carry guns. NOT that the police won't. SROs are not employees of the school district but of the Lawrence Police department. So, add the armed SRO Police officers in every school and there you have the protection called for and you haven't had to arm the teachers.

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No concealed carry in Lawrence schools

As I said, this is what SROs are for, not the teacher's role. Except funding is cut again so that Middle school's who used to have full time SROs now, have one part time and high schools get 3 1/2. Elementary get none. This article says only that teachers and staff won't be carrying guns, not the local Lawrence police, which the SROs are.

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No concealed carry in Lawrence schools

One of the few moves this board/district has made in a long time that I agree with.

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No concealed carry in Lawrence schools

Ridiculous! How long before some 10-year-old figures out where the teacher's gun is hidden and accidentally or on purpose shoots someone, just because it's there? Completely ignorant move to make guns MORE accessible to kids in schools. They are trained teachers, not law enforcement officers. That's what SRO's are for.

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It’s official: Brownback signs bill saying life begins at fertilization

Amen, sister. Brownback is nothing but an ignorant bully.

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