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KU, China

Swengalli sounds like a KU egghead to me...

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Enough taxes?

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz::Thats the most intelligent comment I have ever heard from you...

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Enough taxes?

"Lawrence doesn't need a new library. Lawrence needs a new Library Director."WHat do you mean by that? Bruce Flanders has done an excellent job with the limited resources available to him. You act like he wants a brand spanking new library for his benefit. How does that benefit him?

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Woodling: '07-'08 huge year, but best?

Do non-revenue, minor sports really matter? You can't compare baseball, under water basketweaving, etc. with Football and Basketball. Frankly, college baseball will never be big league for several obvious reasons. For one kids don't have to attend college to sign a major contract. The time of the year when people are still thinking about college and pro basketball is also a factor. Why go to a college game when you have plenty of other options including semi-pro, minor league and major league?

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Are you planning to take part in the community exercise program, Red Dog's Dog Days of Summer, which starts on June 3 at Memorial Stadium?

I wish I could but I have moved away. Its a great program for ANY level or person. And you get more motivated working out with a group then by yourself.

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Mangino's '04 rant hot topic again

THis should give us some extra incentive to beat Texas this year. Time to break that streak as well as in Lincoln.

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Upset city in Topeka


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Bus ideas

Enjoy paying for $4 a gallon of gas in your huge SUVs. After all "I'm an American. I can do whatever I want". I am here to live today. Screw the future and my children's lives...

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Bush, GOP

"obama bin laden will NOT win. The South will not vote for him. McCain will be our next President.Boyda will win again, not matter if it is Ryan or Jenkins.obama bin ladin is going down!"Spoken from a true racist and facist.

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Coal battle moves to court

Yeah, right. Blame the victim...

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