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What kind of car would you want to receive as a holiday gift?

I did find there are 5 super charging stations from here to Denver, which takes 40 min. for a full charge at one of these, and over 40 hours with a home charger. The ones in Hays and Salina would get there electric power from the Ellsworth field.

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What kind of car would you want to receive as a holiday gift?

I find it interesting that 3 out of 4 people in Lawrence prefer their cars burn Coal in stead of Gasoline or Diesel.

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How long will it take for Kansas University's football team to break its losing streak on the road?

KU just need to join the Big East and leave the Big 12 so they won't have to worry spending money on Football. They just can't play with the Big boys like OU OSU TCU Texas and KSU when it comes to Football.

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Kobach reviewing options after meat shop ruling; plans to build home in Douglas County this fall

The blue spot in kansas stops at the city limits of Lawrence, Douglas County is conservative and Lecompton is very conserative and besides we like Mr. Kobach.

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Mars Inc. to expand candy-making plant in Kansas

Try more like $15 to $30. Wages are so low in Lawrence and prices are so high. Fuel is $.20 cheaper everywhere else than Lawrence.

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What kind of food item or cuisine is missing from downtown?

How about a breakfast place that is open at 5am. Nothing is open in Lawrence then except chains.

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Editorial: Lecompton focus

Our history is the only thing that we can't lose, like our high school, grocery store, restaurant, and now we are losing our post office. Our history good or bad we have to keep it.

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Hallmark now believes about 200 jobs will be added to Lawrence plant when work moves from shuttered Topeka facility

M&M MARS is picking up a good share of the Topeka employees.

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Twinkie manufacturer Hostess moves to liquidate after crippling strike

Interstate Bakery has been in trouble for some time now I was suprised they lasted this long. Hostess will be bought up by Bimbo or Flowers bakery,but the bread division will not be around. The company was wanting an 8% pay cut from the union, but that would of not saved the bakery, just make it last a little bit longer so it could break up the company into smaller companies. Twinkies and Ho Ho's will still be around just another company

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What is your favorite barbecue joint?

Hickory Hut in salina, Guys and Mae's and The Pizza parlor in Topeka, Ok Joe's in KC. Never liked Gates or Bryants or Dickey's too greasy. Famous Dave's is good, but tastes the same where ever you at nation wide

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