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Restaurant files plans to become first in downtown to have rooftop dining; popular KC restaurant closes its Lawrence location

Parking sucks downtown It is easier to park at the one at KU Med than it is in Lawrence

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From dominoes to origami, new Lawrence business plans to teach it all; gasoline really cheap locally, new report finds

It's $1.66 in Topeka, It's always 20 cents lower in Topeka and $1.75 in Perry

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Leaders laud completion of SLT at ribbon-cutting; road to open to traffic on Wednesday

K 10 will become a Toll road within 10 years is the main plan so the state can make more money.

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If Lawrence had a bike-share program, how often would you use it?

My wife and I use them all the time in Topeka. if we are in town and don't happen to have the bikes with us and want to ride the trails around Topeka and Chattanooga Tenn.

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Is there anything you routinely leave Lawrence to shop for?

Gasoline and Diesel. I can buy in Perry and save 20 cents

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What's a restaurant that's closed that you really miss?

Jim's Steak House, Don's Steak house and Happy Hal's Steak house. Back in the days when Lawrence knew what real Kansas Beef was.

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Kansas health department issues air quality advisory because of burning

Yes the Native Americans did burn the flint hills because they found the new fresh grasses brought the Buffalo to them and they didn't have to go find them. The other thing is Red Ceder is not natural to Kansas so burning the field are the only way to keep it under control, Red Ceder was brought to Kansas by the Gov. in the 20's and 30's for wind Breaks, but they will take over a field in 10 years if not burn off to keep it under control. They do burn in Missouri unless you live in St Louis.

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Investigators in Kansas Amtrak derailment looking at rail condition

The tracks got clipped by a Cattle truck and knock 10 " out of line. The tracks from Newton to Garden City are good track, but west of Garden are pretty bad only 4 trains a day go that route.

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What's your best advice for picking a March Madness bracket?

A Quarter to call someone who cares.

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Perry-Lecompton High School to begin testing students for drugs, alcohol

I don't have a problem with it, I have to have a test to get my job and have to test out every year to keep my job. Lets train them for the rest of their life to keep a job.

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