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School district surprise causes largest property tax increase in recent memory to get a bit larger

I'm just glad we sold everything in Lawrence, now if we can get the county under control, I built a Hay barn here in the county, if we were 2 miles north it would of cost me $10, 2 miles to the west it would of been $100, but no in Douglas it was $3000 extra to build it.

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Cooking grease discovered in stream near 6th Street and Monterey Way; health advisory issued

I doubt if it a restaurant , company's pay for that stuff to make diesel fuel.

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Eudora man charged with first-degree murder after shooting victim dies; bond set at $1 million

Just another Drunk with an agenda, he would of use a knife or a Buick to get back at the Bar.

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City leaders want to keep an eye on cracks at Sports Pavilion Lawrence

That is the worst Professional concrete job I have ever seen, and I used to work for them. In 30 years that building will be falling in on itself just like terminal A at KCI

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Kansas distributor recalls precooked sausage that might contain metal

Everybody needs a little iron in their diet

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Lawrence man killed in motorcycle crash was not properly licensed, police say

Yes I have driven through that intersection and the line of sight on that road both ways is over 1000 ft each way (according to Google Earth) so at 70 mph (100 ft per sec) you still have 10 sec to decide to pull out in front of them, If they were faster than that the rider would not of lived.

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Lawrence man killed in motorcycle crash was not properly licensed, police say

So someone who ran a stop sign is not responsible of the wreck because the other driver didn't have the proper license?

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Senate OKs bill that would allow grocers in Kansas to sell full-strength beer

So half of the Mom and Pop Liquor stores just closed

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Search for suspect called off after high speed chase

Poor city boy he made it about 2 mile thru the hedge and locust brush. The wife had the dog and a .45 doing housework this morning. LOL

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East Hills Business Park manufacturer files plans to expand; an update on enrollment growth, possible new programs at city's vo-tech school

KU trains a workforce that doesn't stay here. If Lawrence gets a skilled workforce it will bring in industrial jobs that pay better than retail. Lawrence is a party town that folks like to live by but not work, because no good jobs available.

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