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Leavenworth County commissioners revoke bond support for proposed Tyson plant; unclear if vote will hold

I know a lot of people in Lawrence that don't make $13 and hour and have health insurance too.

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Douglas County official says proposed Tyson plant a Lawrence issue, too

I know a lot of people in Lawrence that don't make $13 and hour and have health insurance too.

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Legislators vow to oppose proposed Tyson plant in Tonganoxie

Tyson has been in Emporia Ks from the 1970's and Emporia has the cleanest water in the country.

Topeka is already over employed, if you want a job in Topeka you can get it, their bringing in employees from Emporia and Manhattan, and still need a hundred more. So their looking for people from KC. Lawrence and Leavenworth. It's $13 per hour and that's better than the Gov. pays.

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A new report raises the question of whether Lawrence has gotten much, much richer; new statistics for the state and a new ranking

Lawrence is a bedroom community. Unless you work at KU. you will be working in Topeka, or Kansas City, because the wages are higher, Just look at K 10 or Hwy 40 at 7 AM or 5 PM. Lawrence has no Industrial base anymore so wages are lower and cost are higher because people work elsewhere.

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School district surprise causes largest property tax increase in recent memory to get a bit larger

I'm just glad we sold everything in Lawrence, now if we can get the county under control, I built a Hay barn here in the county, if we were 2 miles north it would of cost me $10, 2 miles to the west it would of been $100, but no in Douglas it was $3000 extra to build it.

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Cooking grease discovered in stream near 6th Street and Monterey Way; health advisory issued

I doubt if it a restaurant , company's pay for that stuff to make diesel fuel.

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Eudora man charged with first-degree murder after shooting victim dies; bond set at $1 million

Just another Drunk with an agenda, he would of use a knife or a Buick to get back at the Bar.

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City leaders want to keep an eye on cracks at Sports Pavilion Lawrence

That is the worst Professional concrete job I have ever seen, and I used to work for them. In 30 years that building will be falling in on itself just like terminal A at KCI

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Kansas distributor recalls precooked sausage that might contain metal

Everybody needs a little iron in their diet

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