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What is your favorite barbecue joint?

Hickory Hut in salina, Guys and Mae's and The Pizza parlor in Topeka, Ok Joe's in KC. Never liked Gates or Bryants or Dickey's too greasy. Famous Dave's is good, but tastes the same where ever you at nation wide

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Do you support doubling traffic infraction fines on Kansas Highway 10 between Lawrence and Johnson County?

The problem with K10 is it was not built right. The median needs to be deeper to direct crossing traffic more in line with the roadway. I had a flat tire with a semi on that hiway and the way it is built it pulls you into the other lane. Just look at I 70 west of topeka.

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Midwest officials explore passenger rail expansion

Where trains make sense is not going to major aircenters but to small towns. I run amtrak from lawrence to garden city for $ 50. To fly there its $ 230 by way of denver. You can drive it for $50 but you sleep on the train. What Amtrak needs to do is forget about the major cities and just service the small towns. Fly to Wichita is $ 200 through KCI. Lawrence to Wichita would be about $30 and sleep while you travel.

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Do you support the National Transportation Safety Board's recommendation banning all cellphone uses while driving?

So what's the differents with being on the phone and driving or eating a cheeseburger and driving. Some people can't walk and chew gum, so if you are in an accident while on the phone not paying attention while driving then you are at fault. Be responsible for your actions.

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Lawrence gas prices markedly higher

Topeka fuel is always cheaper, Diesel in Lawrence was $4.09 at Dillions, Topeka Dillions it was $3.75, Perry was $3.99.

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Lawrence voters approve $18 million library expansion

You know it is going to cost that shop about $3000 more in taxes. So you will be paying for more for service when you get your car worked on.

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Amtrak study shows routes through Kansas

I take the train to Garden City and Dodge all the time, 5 hrs. by car 5 hrs. by train, you can sleep on the train. The seats in coach are good to set in, but if your over 6 ft their hard to sleep in. The other nice thing about the train is if I find out I need to be in Dodge tomorrow the ticket cost the same as if I bought it a month ago.

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Random wild turkey annoying for some, enjoyable for others

It's the wild Turkeys why we don't have Quail in Douglas Co. any more. I walk through my CRP and used to have Quail and now the Turkeys have taken over.

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25 years ago: County to help fund study for Lecompton interchange

WOW, That makes me feel old, It was 25 years ago We were trying to keeps Lawrence from taking the interchage from us and move it 4 miles east to Lawrence. Which they did. My how time flys.

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