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After stepping down, former KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little still receiving more than $500,000 per year salary in 'special advisor' role

And we thought CEO's were bad guys. I guess that why a degree in 1976 was $4000 and today it's $60,000

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Schlitterbahn corporation indicted, executive charged in Kansas water slide death

The indictment I saw, someone will doing jail time, the maintenance on the rafts were being pencil whipped. Raft B (which is the raft involved) had bad brakes and had gone airborne multiple time earlier.

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Big box retailers seeking break on property taxes; local government leaders oppose

You know you just pay their taxes when you buy stuff , It's just a cost of operation.

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Baldwin City plans to relocate police station to former restaurant

Cool that was the 1st steel building I worked on back in 75. I was still in High School.

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Kansas at extreme risk for out-of-control fires

If it's starts in a ditch it's usually a cigarette or glass bottle.

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Felonies, not pot smoking, filling up the Douglas County Jail, new report says

Why not make the entertainment district pay for it with a tax on drinks and entertainment because that's why they come to Lawrence and get arrested.

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Lawrence's population breaks 100,000, according to city estimates

Some people want to live in a party town, so it will bring population and crime. I used to live 16 miles from Lawrence and now I'm 5 miles. When it gets down to 3 miles, the city will make me plot the place before I sell it and move.

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Douglas County Commission to consider wording of sales tax referendum to fund jail expansion, behavioral health campus

how many people housed in the jail are Douglas Co residents. I think most of them are from out of county and get arrested here and get to live on the County dime.

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Kansas couple receives no money for police drug raid based on tea leaves

I guess that's why we live in a police state. If brother is watching.

December 13, 2017 at 3:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Topeka roofer barred in Kansas and ordered to repay Douglas County victim

Never prepay a service job, if they need money you go buy materials.

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