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Contractors say county getting overcharged for roof work

Well said R-iz-R,
It amazes me how limited peoples thinking can be. You get what you pay for is right on target. The pressure on GC’s (and I know this first hand) by subs (like roofing contractors) to substitute alternative (inferior) materials is massive. Roofing contractors are notorious for trying to sub in this and sub in that with the hope of maximizing their own profits; the only thing greater than their individual greed is possibly their collective stupidity. Of course they think that the inferior products they recommend are equivalent – as far as they are concerned they are both black (or white) and both somehow get attached to the roof (plus they get a legal document known as a warranty that is full of “outs” and “exclusions”). That’s where their knowledge ends. Roof Cons typically issue a 2 year warranty and run…the customer is left with their poor workmanship and inferior product selection. And where do the roof cons run – it seems like they run to their PC’s; where they create poorly and inaccurately constructed blog sites; where they villain-ize high performance and high quality manufacturers and make wild claims of deceit and corruption.
Thank you R-iz-R and thank you to Douglas County for making a value decision versus a short term mistake.

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