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KU is No. 2 seed in Midwest region, will face 15th-seeded Detroit at approximately 8:57 p.m. Friday

sorry cant agree that Mu got hosed, check their SOS it's way higher than anyone else, very weak non con schedule.

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Markieff Morris hopes for late free-throw in the Jayhawks 87-86 overtime win against the Missouri Ti

Sometimes your prayers are answered Markieff!!! RCJH

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Kansas claims epic win in Border War finale

Just reward for some of the earlier poor calls that went against us.

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Plenty to play for: Big 12 title, revenge motivate KU in final battle with MU

What's up with my capital letters?

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Plenty to play for: Big 12 title, revenge motivate KU in final battle with MU

...Phog Allen Fieldhouse, a bottle of water $4, chicken nuggets and fries $8, a pair of tickets to the game..............PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!! ROCKCHALK JAYHAWK

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Bobby Knight only semi-right

Here, here, every game from now on is a 'one and done' unless we want to share with way I say, RCJH

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Elijah Johnson deserves lot of ā€˜Dā€™ credit

'keep your shoes on' Elijah you're doing great, looking forward to monday night Phog! RCJH

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Three transfers, one goal: Win at KU

Very impressed with the way all three presented themselves at the press conference, they can only bring good things to the KU football program. RCJH

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Best for last: D.J. Beshears caps wild victory

I understand the officials were from the Big10, I guess they see a different game up there. Couldn't believe the calls against us, and the missed horse-collars. You are right about the goal line call as well, I was seated on the goal line and no way was that a TD. Not to worry its a 'W' so we'll take it. RCJH

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