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How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of April 9

Good to see our Jayhawk family doing well in the professional ranks. A family soon to expand and add two more to the system. For anyone out there that thinks the NBA isn't worth watching I humbly suggest you take a look at the way the Phoenix Suns play, fast and furious, up tempo game that is fun to watch. It also helps that the Morris twins are playing so well for the Suns right now.

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Center stage: Tarik Black controls paint in Senior Night rout of Texas Tech

This was definately the way to celebrate, Senior Night, 10 Big12 trophies lined up on the court, amazing year so far from such a young bunch. Tarik, Justin and Nicholas being the exceptions of course. Now on to add some exclamation marks to this great year. RCJH

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Cowboys lose emotional game at Kansas

Having watched the game from the stands and again through DVR multiple times I would like to nominate Marcus Smart for an 'Oscar' this guy must be the next great movie star. On the other hand I thought our guys had learned to handle mid court pressure, back to the drawing board there. They did show great tenacity in bringing the game back and eventually got the result we all wanted. RockChalk

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How former Jayhawks fared in April 14 NBA games

Way to go Cole, good to see you getting more playing time.RCJH

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OSU: ‘We can’t sulk’

No it wasn't pretty but if you go into the lions den you have to be ready and able. Smash mouth ball was needed last night and a result, whilst not pretty, was what was wanted. RCJH

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Elijah Johnson reclaiming role as Jayhawks' driving force

Elijah take a tip from Kobe, you don't have to score just assist.

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Notebook: OSU coach showers KU with praise

If the guys can handle the aggressive atmosphere then we will win, but it will be a close game, maybe 2 points again.

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Four-star defensive tackle Marquel Combs picks KU football via Twitter

I like this guy, "I wanted to show everybody that I can help rebuild a program. It's not about going to a program that's already built. I'm not trying to be a number. I want to be a reason why that program was built." also "I felt like there was no need to wait," he said. "And I wanted to get on board to help with recruiting." That's what we need guys that can drive this bus!

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Elite forces: KU dispatches ’Pack; UNC next

..that's correct you saw it right, must have been watching a different game huh!

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KU is No. 2 seed in Midwest region, will face 15th-seeded Detroit at approximately 8:57 p.m. Friday

sorry cant agree that Mu got hosed, check their SOS it's way higher than anyone else, very weak non con schedule.

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