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Lawrence schools now out of snow days

First off I never stated intercommunication was non-essential. I simply stated show the results of such - if not stop taking teaching time away from the students.

Second - the old saw?? - fact is teachers get 3 months off of a daily schedule. I commend you for the way in which you have chosen to spend those 3 months. I know several that don’t utilize the time as well as you. For any one person to be at the top of their chosen profession - a dedication of time outside of normal hours is required.

Third - Human Service Practice - come on - TEACHER = TEACH!... Teachers teach – it’s what they are good at let them do it.

Fourth - I am in no way trivializing a professional educator (TEACHER) - I do believe it is a very honorable and needed position in our community. In fact - I am in favor of paying these individuals (the good ones, with documented great records) more.

Fifth - I don’t deserve poor service - I receive poor service.

I wish you well as the system falls apart.

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Lawrence schools now out of snow days

Nobody is suggesting that you don’t collaborate. I believe that you have about 3 months off in the summer to collaborate. If collaboration time is so important and justified by the quantifiable benefits of improved student performance in the classroom and testing outcomes. I would help lead the charge in gaining tax payer of Lawrence support for the incremental cost of a few full day collaboration sessions for the most engaged staff. However, I suspect that quantifiable results would be difficult to document from the current collaboration exercises.
The regression to the mean of our school systems is disturbing at best. In my humble opinion you are there to teach – so teach. That means a full school calendar and full days.
If you want to get together with your peers and pontificate about what could work – do so like the rest of us and do it on your own time and most importantly on your own dime. Leave the hypostasizing and research to the universities – it’s what they are good at. We expect full time teachers! Someone in the school systems please get this right for our children’s sake.

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