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100 years ago: Theater severely damaged, firemen injured in downtown blaze

Where was this theater at?

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100 years ago: Housekeeping expert to give presentation at Y.M.C.A.

Lawrence had a YMCA? Where was it located?

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Bowersock name not forgotten to this family

Great article Chad, enjoy reading about Lawrence's early history.

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Town Talk: Changes on tap at Jet Lag Lounge location; Family Dollar moving into Eudora; leader trying to jump start Sesquicentennial Point project

I might take issue with the name, unless it's anything like the fine establishment that is R Bar in KC. If only Lawrence had that classy of a joint...

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Anna Undercover: It Will Require Push-Ups

Let me know if you want a running buddy. Could always use another person to run with. Way more interesting to run and talk at the same time.

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Lecompton man still in serious condition after motorcycle accident

Not trying to wade into a discussion here, merely inform as a two-wheel rider.

First off, not all full-face helmets restrict peripheral vision, some helmets are worse than others. 3/4 and 1/2 helmets are common choices as well, which some claim to be less restrictive. It really comes down to a riders personal comfort level and decision.

There's also lots of protection available to a rider outside of just a helmet. Legs can be protected by abrasion-resistant pants, which often look just like blue-jeans and are available with both padding and impact armor. Likewise, reinforced and armored jackets are available, as are gloves and boots.

None of this will keep a rider 100% injury free, it's still going to hurt if you have an incident, but wearing the right protective gear can go a long way towards minimizing injuries.

Ride like you're invisible!

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Emergency crews respond to multiple injury, car versus motorcycle accident


I don't expect somebody else's insurance to pay for it. It's my responsibility to either maintain adequate coverage as a motorcycle rider to handle any accident(read: higher than a non-rider), or be self-insured through prudent investment and years of saving.

But insurance is a discussion for another thread.

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Emergency crews respond to multiple injury, car versus motorcycle accident

I'm an avid rider, commuting 60 miles a day on two-wheels. I firmly believe in wearing as much protective gear as possible at all times. Minimum riding gear includes long thick denim pants, full-face helmet, armored kevlar jacket, kevlar gloves, and ankle covering boots. Doesn't matter if I'm going to the store or riding 100 miles, same gear all the time.

That said, I am 100% against a mandatory helmet law. Personal freedom means the freedom to make stupid decisions and to make decisions people might disagree with. I'd bet that very few riders would disagree that they're safer with a helmet, but many make the choice not to wear them for a variety of reasons, some accurate, most not. Regardless, it is not the state/government's place to make that decision for them or anybody else.

BUT, just to further clarify, I feel for the families of the riders. Riding without a helmet/protective gear is a very selfish and stupid thing to do. As much as I disagree with the rider's choices to ride without them and am saddened they're injured, it was their choice to do so and their choice to accept the risks that come along with that decision.

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Detroit students on field trip to KU

Yes, nice story and all, but how does one gain access to that wicked looking rock wall as a non-KU student?

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