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40 years ago: Antique auto enthusiasts work on rare Lawrence car

So where is the car now?

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Kansas leaders exploring idea of whitewater park at Clinton Lake

This would be amazing for Clinton and amazing for the area. A positive game-changer for the region, much like the Nascar track.

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Name the city’s new rec center

How about the Fritzel Swindle Center?

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Improvements planned for North Lawrence grain elevator, but towers aren't coming down; new schedule for city compost and woodchip sales

Looks like they were the old City Hall grain elevators. The NoLaw ones are single row and much taller than that.

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Preservation Alliance seeking owner for city's oldest community building; city to award funds from Varsity House dispute tonight

Chad, what ever became of the dispute between Freestate Glass and the LPA? When last reported, it sounded like the basement was basically condemned due to mold from the leaking roof and Freestate Glass had been booted out. Has the basement been fixed?

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$500k grant to Wicked Broadband up for debate at City Hall; tax abatements and Santa Fe Depot project also on tap for discussion

I 100% agree that Lawrence needs to have a conversation about a fiber infrastructure. It would be a fantastic addition to the city, a jewel in our crown.

...if done by a trustworthy, responsible company with an actual proposal, not just a plea for money.

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$500k grant to Wicked Broadband up for debate at City Hall; tax abatements and Santa Fe Depot project also on tap for discussion

So, basically Kris Adair is upset that the city didn't bail them out of $1.3 million dollars in debt and doesn't want to get into business with a company that not only doesn't pay what it agreed to pay but offers as a solution to NOT pay what it agreed to pay for another five years?

It's rare that I say this, especially after the debacle that is the new track and field stadium, but I applaud our city leaders for being unwilling to give half a million dollars to a company that CLEARLY does not have its stuff together whatsoever.

For the record, a high-speed fiber optic network would do amazing things for Lawrence, including job creation and making us more attractive to companies, but let's not do it by getting in bed with horrible business people, please.

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100 years ago: Quiet New Year's Day expected in Lawrence

Which building used to be the vaudeville theater?

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Lawrence man booked into jail after Wednesday morning burglary

So he stole her bong and had the munchies?

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