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Neighbor questions church's use of school

They might welcome it! I went to a religious grade school and we had a science fair on the church property every year. I remember doing a presentation on electromagnets one year. I think I also did a presentation on volcanoes at some point.

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Former KU guard Rio Adams transfers to Ohio

Ohio University has a solid basketball program. Best of luck to you, Rio. I'm sorry things didn't work out here, but I think you'll have a good experience at OU.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Hopping around with downtown's Toad

Kind of a bizarre guy. On two separate occasions as I was going for a morning run along the sidewalk and minding my own business, he angrily blurted something out at me as he zoomed by. Weird.

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City to begin enforcing ordinance requiring sidewalks to be cleared of snow at 8 a.m. Thursday

I think it's sad that you would go through the trouble of forging a doctor's signature and going to court, but you can't take a measly 10 minutes to shovel two inches of snow off your walk.

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City to begin enforcing ordinance requiring sidewalks to be cleared of snow at 8 a.m. Thursday

This is a perfect opportunity for some of the homeless folks to make some money. If they charged $10-$15 per house, they could make a lot of money by the end of the day. They could borrow the homeowner's shovel for the first job and then head to the hardware store on Mass to buy their own shovel after that. If they point out that the alternative would be an $80 citation, I think many homeowners would be glad to pay.

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Building a gym: A Lawrence small business success story

You're doing a pretty good job of making yourself sound like a victim as well. Liberals are going after you? You're being demonized? Oh the humanity! If you're business is so interesting, please tell us about it. Seriously.

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In the battle over Big Bird, Schlingensiepen defends PBS; Jenkins says taxes shouldn't be supporting it

Sesame Street makes millions and millions of dollars every year on merchandising, royalties and licensing. Big Bird is part of the 1%. He will be fine regardless of whether or not PBS loses funding.

The other PBS shows, however, will rely more heavily "on viewers like you". It's a shame most people are interested in things like "Honey Boo Boo" and "Pawn Stars" than worthwhile tv programs.

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Town Talk: Police Dept. needs total $42M and likely would require both sales and property tax increases; new report warns of homeless problems downtown once shelter leaves; tennis talk deferred

Why should a drop-in center be created for people who have no desire to enter the formal plan to exit homelessness? It would be cruel to enable those with self-destructive lifestyles. Rather than being coddled, they should be encouraged to pick themselves up and regain independence. The message should be firm but simple: Shape up or ship out.

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KU plans to ask state for $30 million to build $75 million medical education building

The university and the athletic department are two separate entities. There's no sense in saying "take it out of the athletic funds."

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After paying ‘debt,’ then what?

I disagree. I'm glad that people like Bernie Madoff, child pornographers and arsonists are locked away where they can no longer inflict damage or harm innocent people and children.

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