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As family calls for answers, Lawrence police silent on investigation into fatal shooting by Topeka officer

Topeka Capital Journal reported he'd been charged 2x with felon in possession. This would've been his third, which they claim likely would've been the final 'strike' and given him a life sentence.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider changes to handling complaints against police

They do. It's called the Office of Professional Accountability.

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Vehicles damaged after gunshots fired just west of downtown Lawrence

You want somebody who legally owns a firearm to shoot or possibly kill somebody damaging a vehicle?

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Vehicles damaged after gunshots fired just west of downtown Lawrence

What do you mean when you say "no background check"? Are you referring to being able to conceal a firearm without a license? It seems unlikely a person following the laws is going around shooting up vehicles downtown. Much more plausible the person or persons involved are of a criminal background and Kansas' CCW laws wouldn't have made a difference to their criminal plans last night.....

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Lawrence Humane Society preparing to accept shelter pets from flooded Texas

Interesting timing for this article...

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Pizza chain to make its return to Lawrence with plans for west side restaurant

Glad to hear I'll finally have a use for the Old Chicago GC I was given last year.

Now if only we could get a QuikTrip and Costco in West Lawrence.

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Profile picture of animal shelter director giving the finger raises questions

Yet another ridiculous article written by the LJW. No wonder the paper is nicknamed the "Lawrence Urinal World". This is probably the least important thing one could write about. If somebody is that offended, they better stop reading the news, listening to music or watching TV, for fear of getting offended.

Of all the things important in this world, let alone this city, you find time to post this rubbish. It's clear Kate and her staff do a great job helping the poor animals without a home.

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Lawrence City Commission explains support for $17 million police headquarters

Yes, yes it does. It also means those who work down there will be able to find a place to park. It would be nice if there was a secure parking lot for the (not anywhere near 200) patrol cars.

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