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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Real lessons from a fake emergency

It's a very worthwhile thing to practice and have people in place to deal with an incident if it were to occur. I took part in the FAA mandated emergency drill at MCI on Thursday. Though I had a great time playing the part of a passenger on a plane that had been bombed, I learned a lot about the processes in place to aid the passengers and it gave me a sense of the panic that we might face if one of those situations were to occur.

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Suspect in Monday's armed robbery arrested in Topeka

He's from Topeka? Never would've guessed........

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City commissioners will consider existing buildings for police headquarters

Eh. Most Lawrence citizens and a certain Leslie Soden don't support the Police Department, so it should be no surprise that they want to toss PD into a building not built to function as a police dept. I wouldn't be surprised if the city would just decide to setup a bunch of trailers in South Park to be used as the LEC annex.

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Police, fire chiefs tell Lawrence commissioners of needs for facility, mental health services

"As far as the public support, I have lived in many cities during my lifetime, and I feel the citizens of Lawrence fully support their police department. This vote was not about the police department as much as it was about the previous commission."

I'd agree about the vote not being about the police dept, but disagree that the citizens fully support their PD. I've lived in many states before I came to Lawrence and its a joke seeing how the city treats the police department. Other cities actually appreciate their PD, while Lawrence barely seems to tolerate them.

I wish they'd brought up this project before Rock Chalk Park and the library were built. I would imagine that the new station would have been built already, or at least received a lot more support.

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Police, fire chiefs tell Lawrence commissioners of needs for facility, mental health services

The ITC is not a suitable location to be a long term facility or to house all police operations.

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Westar plans to buy wind power from new plant

Great news!

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Kansas universities lack firm plan for concealed guns on campus, making some anxious

That is already a possibility with the current KU regulations about weapons on campus..

"Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal of employees or expulsion of students."

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Pet World fire kills many small animals; python, some others survive

Why couldn't it just have not happened in the first place? I feel horrible for all of the animals who were lost yesterday, and even more so for those who had closer connections to the store.

Not sure why you'd wish something like this on any type business.

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Lawrence police: One man dead following stabbing on Arkansas Street

Not sure anything would have happened differently if Milspec had been there. When I saw their guy lurking in the shadows at this or the 23rd st location, they'd typically just engage with somebody if the radio was too loud. Other than that, they stuck to the edges of the parking lot..

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