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Would you be willing to pay more for faster internet speed?

Absolutely. If only we had Google Fiber in Lawrence...

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Letter: Gun threat

I guess you've never been to Chicago. Until recently, they had some of the strongest gun control, as well as one of the highest violent crime rates in the country.

Another place to look at is Australia. After the Port Arthur shooting, they basically got rid of guns (you can still own them, but there are ridiculous restrictions), allowing the criminals to run free. Just look at the stats and the reports. There are tons of "illegal" guns flowing into Australia, and people do get hurt. It's unfortunate that the Aussie's don't have a way to defend themselves. One should also look at the hostage situation with the Islamic man at the Lindt Cafe last month. If somebody in their had been a CCL holder, there is certainly a chance that the attack could have been over before any civilians got killed.

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President Obama to visit Lawrence next week

Get ready for traffic, etc. to be completely screwed up during his visit.

Sounds like an ideal day to be far away from Larryville.

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Fire crews fight a grass fire around 1 p.m. Friday near St. Margaret's Episcopal Church at 5700 W. S

Our power (6th/Wakarusa) went off for a few seconds around 1pm.. Any relation?

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KU's new multimillion-dollar jet takes off

No picture?

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Police: 4 people shot, 1 killed in botched robbery at Shawnee gun store

Reports are coming in that the male co-owner died of his injuries. :/

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Synthetic ice rink: Not the same as real ice, but serves its purpose

I played ice hockey for 10yrs before moving to Lawrence and was very surprised that Lawrence didn't have any ice. I was hoping for something to be added at Rock Chalk Park...

When I saw the news about Lawrence adding a rink, I was very excited until I tried to go last week and discovered that I couldn't use my own skates on the ice. Drove to the KC Ice Center and had a very nice time skating on real ice.

Despite the drive, I have no plans to use the Lawrence ice. I'll continue to drive to Shawnee to use the real ice at the KC Ice Center.

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Lifelong Lawrencian to share experiences hiking the Appalachian Trail

Congratulations, Joanne!! Though I've not hiked the entire AT, I have hiked the Mahoosuc Notch, which many people say is the hardest part of the AT.

I hope to make it to your talk!

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What chain restaurant would you like to see come to Lawrence?

+100 to White Castle

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What chain restaurant would you like to see come to Lawrence?

Olive Garden, Popeyes, & Red Robin come to mind.

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