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Lawrence City Commission explains support for $17 million police headquarters

Yes, yes it does. It also means those who work down there will be able to find a place to park. It would be nice if there was a secure parking lot for the (not anywhere near 200) patrol cars.

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Lawrence City Commission to debate raising taxes to pay for new police headquarters

While Soden may think it is a good idea to consolidate SO and PD, I can almost guarantee you it will never happen. The County owns the LEC--why would they want to move out and into a new building and have all that empty space just sitting downtown? I don't know the #'s, but it would make sense that the building is close to paid off after all this time, no?

And fwiw, LKPD is not the "militaristic, armed to the teeth, shoot first and sort out the details on the official report later kind of law enforcement" you are referring to.

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KU may make the switch from Coca-Cola to Pepsi as university's beverage of choice

I rarely drink pop these days, so I'll be happy to see this change. I was very disappointed when, as a student, the former jayhawk bookstore removed their pepsi machines. they were the only two on the campus and much cheaper than buying a drink from the KU Dining monopoly.

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Eudora hires commander from Prairie Village Police Department as police chief

Squire was promoted to Captain in March. Perhaps LJW can do some fact checking next time.

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Campus carry about to begin: What you need to know about guns at KU

Certainly not what you are spreading.

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Lawrence police used Tasers 6 times in last 17 months, twice in violation of departmental policy

Luckily you don't have to guess when LJW fails to report both sides of the story... :)

From that link, you can view Use of Force, Annual, Complaint and Taser reports for the past few years!

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Lawrence police blotter for June 11

Civil Stand-by is used for when somebody needs an authority figure to keep the peace while doing a child exchange, picking up property, etc. Very common.

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Lawrence police subdue LMH patient who was allegedly brandishing glass shard

@Bill: Your comment is extremely offensive.

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Lawrence city manager says taxpayers are overpaying for some services

Still not enough space, plus that wouldn't solve the issue of the dept. being spread across multiple locations. There's no way the county building can be modified for all of the uses the dept. requires.

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