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KU police switch from sedans to SUVs; student designs new logo for patrol vehicles

Depending on the version of Explorer, some (the Interceptor, in particular) are built to keep the vehicle stable when rounding corners in a pursuit.

This is KUPD, so it is unlikely that they'll be going very fast with the vehicles in their traditional patrol duties.

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How and when to dispose of your drugs — responsibly

The dates go along with the National Take-Back day, sponsored by DEA. The next one should be in September, though keep an eye on the news or Sheriff's Office website for info.

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How and when to dispose of your drugs — responsibly

It is indeed up to date. There is a drop box to the right of the elevators and is accessible to anybody from 8a-5pm, M-F.

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City once again ready to broach topic of a new police headquarters

One way we could take care of those who wear the badge is to provide them with a facility to supports all of their needs. It is beyond embarrassing to see the conditions inside the ITC (15th/Wakarusa) and the LEC. One should remember that the LEC is shared between District Court, DGSO and LPD. PD doesn't have the whole building, otherwise there wouldn't necessarily be such a great need for a new building. Nobody wants a Taj Mahal- they want a facility that supports their needs, has some room for growth, and provides opportunities for the future.

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New Italian/Mexican restaurant coming to Lawrence; opening date set for Popeyes fried chicken

Another +1 for Popeyes! It'll be nice to skip the drive to Olathe for their chicken!

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Dustin Walker gets life in prison for felony murder, aggravated burglary convictions

Wow, shocking to see Douglas County actually give somebody a sentence they deserved! If only this happened more often (DG not giving out a slap on the wrist).

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Who's your favorite sports media personality?

Mike Haynes with the Colorado Avalanche.

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