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Colorado massacre suspect James Holmes appears in court with orange hair

You do realize there are countless online dealers right? Or are you suggesting that some sort of national database be built to register ammo purchases and require cross-checking to previous orders? If so, what is your criteria? What's "too much" and "too quickly"?

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Man suffers serious injuries in rollover accident on Clinton Parkway

and maybe we should be thankful the roundabout was there. If he was driving reckless enough to flip his car over the wall, then without the roundabout, it could have just as easily been a head-on with a family driving home from Christmas at Grandmas. That would have been much more tragic.

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Lawrence school teachers ratify changes in work agreement

and they would all commute to work on flying pink unicorns...

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Lawrence city auditor 'confident' Westar Energy overcharging customers for private area lights

Nice article Chad. If you want to do an interesting follow up, check the power factor of the CFLs we've all be told to install in our homes for the sake of efficiency. You'll find similar problems with power factor.

In addition, they introduce a lot of interference and distortion. Each very bad for our expensive household appliances/electronics.

Here's a place to start your research.

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Obama’s trip to Asia expensive, but not this pricey

I'm less interested in cost and more interested in "why?" Why is he walking into the lion's den? What on the agenda is worth the risk? What is he trying to accomplish?

Considering what the Chinese are saying about our lack of currency restraint, this is a very interesting time to be talking with them. Is that the reason for the trip?

Is flaming the cost rumors just a distraction?

Anyone have a clue?

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Westar launches website to help Lawrence residents with using smart meters

Cheese...just start doing a search online. You'll find one example after another for why they are not.

As far as Boulder, you can start with these.

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Westar launches website to help Lawrence residents with using smart meters

You're right on all counts...but good luck keeping Westar away from your meter.

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Westar launches website to help Lawrence residents with using smart meters

One nudge at a time.

Hal or Eileen...can either of you explain why Boulder is running like hell away from anything "Smart" after setting out to be the first smart grid city. Was it the millions in cost overruns? Inadequate equipment performance? Connectivity issues? All of the above?

These installs couldn't be timed any better. Food prices are about to take a significant jump. Oil is climbing. The dollar is being devalued. All of it just in time to have Westar debut the ability for time of day pricing!

It's a good thing Westar picked Lawrence to debut this program in. We're the only town in this state that is so out of touch with reality we think this is a good thing.

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