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Start of school at South, Broken Arrow delayed

When they first mentioned they would have South done by the time school started I questioned that from the start. I knew when I drove by and witnessed the progress or lack there of that is was not happening. Deadlines are target dates but I do not understand why they waited so long to announce that there would be a delay in school starting. For parents not only is this a scheduling nightmare but families could have planned their vacations for later in the month as well. I am glad my child is going to high school this year and I do not have to deal with the traffic fiasco Why did they not tear down the old school before they started building the new one? How are they going to tear down the old school and then haul off the big mess that it will create while kids are in school? It just seems like poor planning to me!!

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Security issue


The whole point of the article that you seemed to miss was the fact that because of the war in Iraq equipment that was meant for our state is now in Iraq. It should not take a brain surgeon to figure this out. It should also not take a brain surgeon to figure out, if you read or watch the news at all you would know that the main reason we are in Iraq is because of Bush's insistence that there were "WMD'S" in Iraq.

Does the name "Scooter Libby" ring a bell to you?

The point is we should not have to scrounge for trucks in the first place if the Kansas National Guard's equipment was where it was supposed to be we would not even be having this discussion.

I think the last poll in favor of the war and our president was at 18% so what does that tell you?

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Security issue


Spin is spin and facts are facts. According to a representative of the Kansas Adjutant General's office," which manages the state's emergency resources, noted the shortage of heavy equipment such as loaders, Humvees and dump trucks that are needed to help clear debris at Greensburg. Some equipment always is committed in other areas, she said, but the war in Iraq has left the state with only about 40 percent of its normal allocation."

Just because Snow said "as far as we know, the only thing the governor has requested are FM radios ... There have been no requests to the National Guard for heavy equipment." does not make it a fact.

At best it sounds like a weak statement to me.

Unfortunately you are the type of person I'm sure that voted for our misguided President and are part of the reason this country is in the shape it is in today!!

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Security issue

Hello! It is called the "Kansas" National Guard for a reason and I don't recall it being called the "Iraq" National guard. The governor had a right to use this tragedy as an illustration as to why when we need the national guard here we need the full resources in our state not shipped half way around the world. Snow and Brownback can spin it however they want but we all know the truth and for them to try to insult my intelligence makes them the stupid ones not me.

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Heavy rains close roads, leave some stranded (The Morning Rush)

Do what? Does anyone proof read the stories before they print the news? Duhr.............

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T changes

If any one in their right mind would let their 12 year old child ride the bus by themselves they have a lot bigger problems than what this article is about.

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Lawrence tornado part of KC TV weather debate


Good point that is real responsible broadcasting taking cover under a desk. The rest of you people are just bitter and hateful and need a life or something better to do with your time than running down others.

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Lawrence tornado part of KC TV weather debate

You people are sick!!! Boob are Bob or whatever your name is just remember what comes around goes around!!!

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Lawrence tornado part of KC TV weather debate


I guess your name says it all doesn't it? Personally, of all the news stations I would rely on Channel Five before anyone else. One job I would not want to have is that of a weather person. If you say its going to rain and the sun is shining people are mad, if you say the sun will be shining and it rains people are mad. A weather person can only do the best they can with the radar and the information given to them by the national weather service.

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Family concerns are raised at Lawrence rally

I am working paying taxes and struggling to barely get by and I am an American citizen born in the United States of America. I am so tired of people not here legally getting the same rights I enjoy not paying taxes and whining because they are not treated fairly. They are a drain on our economy through higher insurance premiums and higher taxes. This country is the land of opportunity and I agree that it is a melting pot and my ancestors that immigrated here did it the legal way not skulking across the border in the middle of the night. When I saw one of the immigration rally's and they were dragging the American flag on the ground I was incensed and thought those are not the kind of people I want in my country anyway.

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