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Positive gesture

Boomer, nice words and yes Coach Lewis is spot on.

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"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" — Who's your pick?

Leroy's in Pomona, great smoked ribs. The owner smoked the meat at Guy & Mae's in Williamsburg for years before starting his own place in Pomona.

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Lawrence making bid for Kansas' Shrine Bowl

I can hear sweet Lou now " what's in it for me?". He's the reason the 2 Lawrence high school teams qiut playing games @ Memorial Stadium before they built their own.

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Kansas Turnpike Authority calls on large cranes to remove old pieces of Kansas River bridges

The Kansas Turnpike Authority and the Kansas Department of Transportation are two different organizations. KDOT has nothing to do with the bridge project crossing the river on the I-70 Turnpike.

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Is there anything that you wish you had invented?

Duct tape or as some people call it "duck tape"

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How do you like your barbecue ribs?

Trinity, you are correct, the owner & smoker of ribs at Leroy's was at Guy & Mae's for years. It's worth the drive for the ribs (no sauce needed) and if you want a sandwich, order the brisket pepper jack, oh my.

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How do you like your barbecue ribs?

Leroy's in Pomona, KS

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How to avoid holiday heartburn

Chew some gum when you feel the heartburn coming on, the alkaline in your saliva neutralizes the acid. Try it, it works.

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Highway officials pull plug on projects because of funding concerns

Don't fret, the US-59 Douglas County grading project is going to be up for bid next Wednesday the 19th and the Franklin County surfacing project will be let December 17th.

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City, county review design for 31st Street extension

Nice job of editing LJW, slipping that 7 in on me.Thanks Jean1183 for the info. When the article 1st appeared they had 1050 listed.

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