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Devoted Jayhawk fan and alumnus Gary Woodland eyes return to PGA elite

Gary will be teeing off @ 11:40 CST.

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Forever young: Jerry Waugh ageless wonder

Coach Waugh is one of the most interesting men I’ve ever met. I love to sit & listen to his stories for as long as he’s telling them. Most of all, Coach is a genuine gentleman, always upbeat & the same man every day that I've see him.

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Lawrence resident Neal Ballard, who lives on the 1900 block of Learnard, is pictured with a receipt

Found several pieces of fiberglass roofing working at the golf course this morning, wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t come from Topeka or Reading.

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Dead Bars I Used To Love

The Sanctuary had a great outdoor area and Tuesday's were 10 cent draws followed by Wednesday's all the well drinks for a $5.00 cover. I usually never made it to Wednesday after spending 2 bucks on Tuesday.

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When it comes to purchasing music, do you still buy CDs?

Here's a nice way to preview new CD's. New music every Tuesday.

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Which of these comfort foods is your weakness?

A burger & onion rings at West Coast.

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Breakdown: KU's successful iso running play, and how to build off it

Toben Opurum???????????????? What a shame not to have this guy running the ball.

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What is your favorite barbecue joint?

Leroy's in Pamona, hands down, best pork ribs!!

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Have you ever seen a tornado?

I'm with BABBOY, lived in Kansas almost 55 years and have never seen one. Although I have seen a few hole in ones.

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Many returns: LHS graduate runs longtime tax service

You both are the best, myself and my family are better off for having the pleasure of being, not only clients, but friends for quite some time. Thanks

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