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Very professional

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Letter: Weapons tax

Luke 22:36 "But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one."

Esther 8:11 By these letters the king permitted the Jews who were in every city to gather together and protect their lives- to destroy, kill, and annihilate all the forces of any people or province that would assault them

There are plenty more if you need them.

December 20, 2012 at 12:32 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Letter: Weapons tax

This is not a new idea. Implementing these taxes would make it even more difficult for people under the poverty line to afford to exercise their God given right of self protection. From the 2010 census, nearly 70% under the poverty line are Black and Hispanic. Knowing this, your post seems a little racist.

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Letter: Election cheer

What a joke! Sesame Workshop brought in $122 million in revenue in 2011, not including government grants. Big Bird should be paying us, not the other way around.

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Sticker Shock program aimed at liquor buyers

Can I have your name please? I just want to make sure my kids never go to your house.

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Quiz for a college town

Question with boldness, be who we were on 9/12, the truth has no agenda, WE SURROUND THEM! Keep it up.

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Occupiers Wichita Style

It is people like you that give me hope this country will not lose its way. God bless you.

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House approves GOP bill extending debt limit; Senate promptly rejects it

"before any additional increase in the debt limit could take place, Congress must approve a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and send it to the states for ratification."
I am still trying to figure out the problem here.

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House approves GOP bill extending debt limit; Senate promptly rejects it

Can someone please explain to me why a balanced budget amendment is a bad thing.

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