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Kansas legislator proposes salary increase; 'we should be paid significantly better'

Maybe the price of ammo has gone up! I can't believe he was serious when he said that.

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Opinion: Who speaks for voiceless children?

I like Carols solution to such a problem on The Walking Dead. That is all I am going to say. I am not a liberal in such matters.

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Fred Phelps Sr., founder of Westboro Baptist Church, dead at 84

No matter how we think and feel about this man, we should remember that his family loved him and will miss him.

Let us not be hateful in this time of their mourning, but respect it for what it is, regardless of what they have done.

We are only responsible for what we do. This man has now passed over and I will not say if he is in Heaven or Hell, or even if there are such places as some seem to think they must be, it is not my place to know that.

In my opinion Heaven and Hell are spiritual places not physical and I have no idea what they are like.

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Kansas legislator proposes salary increase; 'we should be paid significantly better'

The legislature is in session from January though early May which to me does not seem very long to conduct all the business they need to. That leaves eight month when they are on vacation. I think that something this important should be a year round job.

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Troopers identify two men killed in K-10 crossover accident

My thoughts and prayers go out to the first responders who now have to deal with what they saw, and what they had to do. I thank God that there are those who can do this job and do it well.

This is the most stunning kind of death because the families will be going about their daily lives and then get the phone call.

Drivers and passengers in cars should take care and realize that it is not all about them, so many others will be involved if you have an accident. I know after nothing happens for a time this tends to get pushed to the back of the mind.

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How much water do you drink every day?

I use a Brita pitcher and drink about eighty ounces of water a day. I also give my cat, Deion, water from the pitcher and use the filtered water to make coffee.

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Your turn: Males, females can succeed together

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for writing this, because I am a sixty-eight year old woman and I agree with you one hundred percent. I think it is time to do away with the label feminist as it seems to lead a lot of women both young and old away from what I see as the goal which is to see people as people regardless of age or gender.

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Domestic dispute turns violent, two stabbed in Lawrence apartment.

Okay, so after all these reports of stabbings, should we assume that the citizens of Lawrence are really getting into gun control and so are turning to knives as the weapon of choice.

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Tonganoxie man ticketed for painting traditional St. Patrick's Day stripe through downtown

Easter is a month away, it is April 20th, it is on the first Sunday after the Spring equinox which is March 20th and the first full moon after Spring which is on April 15th.

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