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Former player Greg Gurley settling into 'dream job' as KU radio analyst

HA! David Lawrence? You can't be serious? What gives you the impression he knows a lot about basketball? He was a football player, and when I listen to him on the radio, I sometimes question what he knows about that sport. Can't imagine basketball being better. On top of that, with as many possible fouls and violations in basketball that can occur, he would spend the entire broadcast complaining about the referees. Although GG is not the best, Lawrence is not the answer.
On another note, does anyone remember Milt Newton's couple of broadcasts? WHOA, those were bad.

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Firebirds No. 1 in new poll; Chiefs name Lisher coach of the week

Lastly, it is nice that we have 2 very good teams this year. Between them, I think that one will make a lot of noise in the playoffs, possibly both. Either way, it stands to be an exciting time for HS football in Lawrence. Lets enjoy the journey. Now for that 3rd team in town...............................

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Firebirds No. 1 in new poll; Chiefs name Lisher coach of the week

fbird1 perhaps you are the one that needs to follow a little closer. KuJayhawk simply said that LHS won last year, that is a fact. Not only that, they did it with a running back playing quarterback as their top 2 or 3 were injured. But that is ok, memory fails at times. The funniest part is the fact that Wedd inherited a program and Lisher had to build his. Didn't Lisher get his program from the same halls as Wedd did originally? That is what I recall happening.

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Versailles wows KU men's basketball team

Thanks for that, however, there is nothing wrong with the way it is used in this article. Nice try, grammer police.

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City puts plans for west Lawrence recreation center on hold

I don't see the big deal about the city subsidizing more recreation facilities. After all, we as taxpayers have been subsidizing a golf course since its existence, what is a few more million.

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Hollywood Casino Kansas Speedway opening could have impacts across the region

To uncleandyt and the like-- Next time you go to the local movie theatre, bowling alley, or golf course, think twice before "blowing" your cash at these entertainment sites. Just lock yourself in your house and eating cheetos and watching your television...............oh wait, you have wasted your money on a tv!? How dare you.

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A good start: Thomas Robinson powers Jayhawks past UTA

Are you related to Brady somehow? I can't think of any other reason that you would consider him to be a starter. He has not been good at all. I see his minutes dwindling by the game. The only reason that he may still get any time at all is to keep dad's money coming in, assuming it still is. With that being said, this team is a strange one. You never seem to know who will play well from game to game. We will lose at least once to a team that has no business beating us, probably at home.

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Selby is Kansas’ wild child

Self has a little dilemma on his hands. No doubt that Selby will be taking minutes from Taylor, but I am sure in the back of his mind realizes that when next year rolls around, he will need to count on Taylor to be back at the point full time. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but there is little doubt that Self will handle it all properly.

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Kansas-USC notebook: Morningstar, Reed involved in big plays at end, too

Perhaps you should watch the tape of the game again. What I saw was Morningstar getting beat several times, giving up at least one and 1 because of poor defense. His playing time will diminish as the year goes on. When was the last time you saw him hit an open three. He doesn't make shots, his defense is average at best. I would much rather have Tyrel on the court then Brady.

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Lester 'shocked' by Perkins' resignation

Just a side note: The Capital Journal in Topeka beats the LJWorld to the punch again, with a release 7 min ahead. But what would you expect, it only happened 10 or so blocks away from the office.

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