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Bear-ly worth celebrating: KU blown out by Baylor but ties for Big 12 crown

WARNING: NEGATIVE COMMENTS. What a disappointing game - even more so than the loss to TCU. March Madness is here, a chance to secure the Big 12 outright, a #1 seed in the tournament.....Do not call this a "wake-up" call, we had that several weeks ago. Experts said KU is peaking at the right time - well a landslide occurred. So much for Senior experience. K. Y. & Trav should have stayed home and went to Perkin's for pancakes. I would have thrown everyone's shoes out of the bus - they were sticking to the floor. Did anyone count how many drives to the basket Baylor made? Everyone seemed to be standing around watching the game - I hope they enjoyed it more than I did.

There, I've said it, got it off my chest, vented - I feel better. On to the Big 12 tourney - Go Hawks.

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Morris twins sign with agent, will declare for draft

The twins "slogan" FOE - Family Over Everything has become Finance Over Everything.

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Alcohol taxes

Well said Richard, well said. I'm so tired of "sin" taxes. Pick on something else for a while. Like you, I approve of smoking restrictions inside resturants, public places, etc. I am a considerate smoker - have been for 50+ years.
There are many other things that will kill you besides second hand smoke. Lets start taxing fatty foods, cell phones that can text, makers of chocolate, - well you get the idea.

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Don and Darlene Cole

Where does the time go......You're young, full of hope and dreams, in love and the future is only a tomorrow away. You blink and it's 50 years later. You're old(er), dreams realized - but still in love.

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No offense …

My two sons & I have hunted for many years. Those hunts have been remembered with great fondness and great times together. My grandson has joined us and now shares these moments with us. We eat what we kill as our pilgram fathers did. We appreciate nature and show our appreciation by helping the balance of nature. I sent the LJW a photo of my grandson pictured with a 300 lb. wild hog and it wasn't published in fear that it would offend someone - what a shame. Fourdcs

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Community Building houses firing range

Age limit is 12 - tho I don't agree with it. Early training of gun safety is important. You might ask. Link:

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