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Day 4: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

Thank you Ian. I had not clicked on the Emerald Triangle Indictment link. That is the document which I had not seen, where ALL of the are defendants listed.

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Day 4: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

Four part story and we are still missing some links. I have commented on several articles asking when something would be reported on the individuals taken in last November and still not a word on them, other than a brief blurb about the few who were arrested in California. There were at least three arrested here in Kansas and nothing reported on regarding them. WHY?
Is it possible they are some of the informants who were pulled in at the end, and therefore their names are not given in an effort to protect them? The indictment you link to only lists the original 35 defendants, is there one listing all 43? It's frustrating that we are not getting the "whole" story.

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Concerns of those who care for Kansans with developmental disabilities rise as session reconvenes

Good post scribe! I often wonder about Angela spending our hard earned dollars arguing on the internet....hummm. This whole KanCare business with the DD population is very sad. The actual providers, meaning those who do the hands on day to day care have not seen a raise in over a decade. I do know that the agencies themselves however pocket a pretty penny and adding the MCO's into the mix is going to make things even worse for the people doing the care. The way things are set up now works pretty well...I truly do not believe the KanCare rollover will benefit anyone but the MCO's!

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Gov. Brownback signs Kansas drug test law for aid recipients

Ummm, you mean proctologist...teehee.

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Editorial: Ongoing concern

jafs said " I can't imagine having to advocate for a caseload of 30 people with 3 different companies."
Yes, especially when the case management is taken away from the agencies that provide the service, since they are the people who have somewhat of an understanding of how to navigate this nonsense with these MCO's.
And as someone mentioned it's very frustrating that they are now trying to say that CDDO's cannot be service providers. Utter BS, as our local CDDO was one of the first providers in the area and does a fantastic job of doing both!

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Editorial: Ongoing concern

It's a pretty well known fact that at this point persons served will be loosing their current case management and the Kancare provider, will take over that position. Many case managers have already taken jobs with these Kancare providers because they know this is coming. It not only is a conflict of interest, but is a serious dis-service to the DD folks, as they will be assigned people who don't have a clue about their individual needs.
So while Angela 'says' they can keep their case manager 'by law', she knows that when the time comes, the only case managers they will have to choose from will be those with the Kancare providers.
This also applies to the elderly effected by this change. These Kancare case managers work for the "for profit" company, NOT the person served, so their interests lay in what's best for the company, not what's best for the individual. Angela, IMO is blowing smoke up our collective arses, to cover her own.

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Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration is pushing to relax restrictions on corporate farming in Kansas. Do you think this will affect family farms in Kansas?

As far as I'm concerned if it has Sam's name attached, it's best to just say no! He has shown that he has no thought at all about our children's future and is only in it to benefit the big money corporations and himself. Such a shame that our government representatives care nothing for the people they serve.

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Lawrence resident pleads guilty to organizing $16M drug trafficking ring

This is a serious issue with our justice system. Unfortunately Federal and State crimes are given different sentencing guidelines and the Federal judges have no leeway, whereas state judges have a lot more wiggle room when deciding on the sentence. To me it seems extremely unfair that a murderer can get out of prison after doing very few years being tried at the State level, while a non-violent crime may land you a lifetime if charged at the Federal level.

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Lawrence resident pleads guilty to organizing $16M drug trafficking ring

I am still wondering why the LJW has not done complete reporting of this story. It is my understanding that many other defendants were placing pleas on Friday as well as Mr. Bauman. The link to the indictment is for the original indictment made last summer, there is at least one more, with the full list of the 43 individuals charged, including those arrested in November, both here and in California. Will you ever be reporting on those individuals and printing the second and possibly third indictments, of which at least one is now unsealed?

I have only been able to find one story on the November arrests and it's in a small town Northern California paper. In this link to a two part story they discuss a third indictment, but at that time it had not been unsealed. Can you please follow up more thoroughly on this story?

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KU, Lawrence schools closed; a list of other closings, cancellations for Tuesday

Thanks folks, I just checked their website...doh, should've done that before asking.

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