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Million-dollar meth seizure just one example of drug war in Douglas County

That must be why Lawrence PD already has that $30 million building they've been asking for.

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Police break string of high-dollar burglaries, continue to investigate

BTW, I think you misread the article. The article said that it had to pull from "school resource positions and traffic duty", not because that was where the chief had officers at; if you really followed the activities of your local police department, you'd know that a year or so ago, Lawrence PD disbanded their traffic unit and absorbed a number of school resource positions to better staff officers on the street (who investigate and respond to crimes). You have it completely backward and need to do your research before you make yourself look like a fool. BTW, I would imagine officers in a "$50,000 sound-proof car" could hear just fine by cracking those "high-tech glass panes"...I think they're called, "windows". Also, the armored car was acquired by a federal grant, so I'm not sure as to where you are justifying your "complaint" about it here. You'd think that if you've lived in "several college towns" that you'd have earned some form of higher education...and perhaps learned that it is wiser to do some research, know your topic, and think before you speak.

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Police break string of high-dollar burglaries, continue to investigate

You post as if you have a lot of experience in the law enforcement field. Do you have experience in law enforcement?

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New car-sharing program available downtown

I'm curious if these cars have ignition interlock devices on them? Just wondering how long it'll be before one of these winds up in someone's yard.

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Lawrence man charged with stealing motorist's eyeglasses in road rage incident

Because the crime of robbery has the requirement of using force/threat of force (i.e., assault and/or battery, depending on the circumstances). In other words, charging a person of assault AND robbery is redundant. Besides, Assault is a misdemeanor, whereas robbery is a felony.

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City discussing new police facility

Not saying you are right or wrong, but your finger-pointing argument really has no credibility unless you take the time to explain what exactly Lawrence's "more pressing needs" are. Please enlighten us all.

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From animals to art, library to law enforcement, city has long list of funding requests for 2014

Extremely low rate of other/ violent crimes? Best you should check your fact sources. Lawrence is one of the highest in the state, next to Wichita, Kansas City, and Topeka.

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KU freshman Ben McLemore declares for NBA Draft

I find it funny when people bring this up about college athletes who bail out early to begin their professional career. An athlete has a small window when they can play, why waste those years working toward an education when you can begin the career you've worked all your youthful years toward achieving? He'll have millions of dollars in his career, so as long as he doesn't mismanage his money, it's not like he'll need a job immediately after he retires from basketball (or ever). Then, when he's got all the spare time in the world (because he's no longer playing professional ball), he can finish his education, because he (1) has millions of dollars, (2) and if he has a great career, he'll be famous, so he likely will be able to earn that education at whatever college he wants. Yeah, what an idiot for chasing his dreams and providing financial security for himself and his family over getting an education while he's still a kid. Newsflash - Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorates are worth the same, whether you earn one (or more) in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or older.

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Police arrest dozens of people for DUI, alcohol-related offenses during weekend

You can't be arrested for simply being drunk (and over 21). My guess is that you probably nailed it, "...they were walking down the middle of the street..." since it's illegal to be intoxicated and in the roadway.

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No charges yet, but information about alleged turkey abuse case sent to D.A.'s office

You know this for a fact? Are you a member of Beta Theta Pi? Just curious, because this Beta Theta Pi member claimed in a news interview that the turkey is supposed to be returned to the farm that it came from. Don't believe me? Watch for yourself:

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