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City receives seven proposed sites for police headquarters building

"Law enforcement usually cannot prevent crime mostly respond to crime activity."

This is probably one of the most outdated and misinformed statements I have read from you on this site. No, not all crime can be prevented, but with intelligence-led policing and with programs like DDACTS (see for more info), police departments have proven to be able to significantly reduce crime through "prevention".

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Lawrence wants property to house multimillion dollar police headquarters

Your ignorance literally made me belt out loud in a chuckle. It amazes me how childish people are. Really? You truly think that it was some rookie cop on a power trip? Get real. Not everyone thinks like you do. If you had any knowledge of law enforcement (or common sense), you'd know that police officers typically stick to the inside lane (or "passing" lane as you called it) because if there was an emergency or some other issue/incident that police officer saw on the other side of the street, he/she would be able to turn around/access anything on the other side of the road, rather than cut people off as he/she would have to shoot across two (or more) lanes of traffic.

I have to wonder...if this were a fire truck, ambulance, or garbage truck doing 30 in a 45, would you be crying about it on here? Would you be claiming it was a firefighter/EMT/trash collector "showing everyone he was boss"? Is it the officer's fault that none of the other motorists would pass him/her? There is no law that prohibits you from passing a police car...

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Drunken-driving enforcement campaign ends with 18 DUI arrests

Maybe you should increase your intake of vitamin A. It helps with recovery from temporary loss of night vision.

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Nearly 200 cited or arrested by special police detail working college party crowds

Sidewalks are owned by the City. Think about it. That's also why you can be fined for not shoveling it when there's snow. Educate yourself.

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City proposing $30 increase in speeding fine

Just FYI, you do realize that if someone gets a defective equipment ticket that they can get it dropped (meaning pay nothing) if they fix it within a specified amount of time, right? Also, whether or not you can afford a ticket, you can work out monthly payments with the municipal court, but you have to APPEAR in court to arrange such do realize this...don't you?

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Groups band together to push for city to create policy on drone use

You don't need a drone to do "nonvisual" surveillance. Drones do not possess any different technology that doesn't already exist or is currently accessible to law enforcement. A drone, like any other LE tool, would still be subject to the protections of the 4th Amendment. In other words, your argument is invalid.

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Groups band together to push for city to create policy on drone use

Don't worry folks - Magnets and tinfoil hats will render you invisible to drone technology.

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

To those complaining about this being a "waste" of taxpayer money, the Federal government collected approximately $2.52 Trillion in taxes last year. This $152,500 armored car was 0.00000663% of taxpayer dollars collected. There are roughly 314 million people in the US (as of 2012). I can't find a more current figure, but in 2010 (according to the IRS), 88,583,448 individuals who filed a tax return actually had a tax liability. For the sake of simplifying the numbers, lets say that number was 90,000,000. So, of the 90,000,000 individuals who actually paid taxes to the Federal government, $1.37 Trillion was collected. Lets just say that everyone paid in an equal amount (which isn't true, but let's say so for the sake of argument). Since Federal taxes are collected nationwide, every TAXPAYING citizen chipped in $0.00169 to pay for this "waste". Rounded up, that's 2/10 of a cent per TAXPAYER (people who actually fiscally CONTRIBUTE to our government). You think $152,500 is a waste of taxpayer money because it offers protection to a city that hasn't seen an officer death in many decades? Well, with that logic, perhaps we should do away with Lawrence PD's bulletproof vests and handguns, seeing how there's no concern that they risk their lives daily and face the potential of a lethal encounter. I wonder if the same people who think $152,500 of Federal money is a "waste" of taxpayer dollars for an armored vehicle also think that $18 Million (which could buy 118 armored cars!) for a library / metered parking garage is a "waste" of LAWRENCE taxpayer dollars? Or perhaps the $24 Million Rec Center (which could buy 157 armored cars)?

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

You are just silly. I highly doubt this is something that will be used for regular "patrol".

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

If a person uses a pencil as a violent stabbing weapon, is it an "assault weapon"? This vehicle is armored and has gun ports - no different than a Brinks armored bank transport vehicle. Are you telling me that Brinks Security and other bank money transport companies operating "assault vehicles"? I think not. What makes this a "rescue" vehicle and not an "assault" vehicle are the missions it is used for. Give me a friggin' break. I suppose since police wear body armor and carry handguns, they must be "assault troops", right?

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