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Pet World owners vow to rebuild after fire destroys store, kills animals

Best news I've heard all day! Thank you...Pet World is one of the places that truly makes Lawrence, Lawrence.

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Pet World fire kills many small animals; python, some others survive

This is just tragic. What a great store with great, caring employees. I'm glad no person was hurt, but my heart goes out to all the small animals, birds and reptiles that didn't make it.

I wonder if all the fish are gone, too, or they might pull through?

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City to consider roundabout for portion of Kasold Drive; city wins big grants for trail projects

The roundabout at 19th and Barker does not work well. Living one block off it I hear more wrecks than I thought was possible at an intersection that size. It is simply too small to be safe - streams of traffic on 19th street dominate and do not let Barker drivers in the roundabout. Roundabouts need to be large enough to allow traffic from all directions to merge and flow around the intersection (such as Myers circle on Ward Parkway in KC), and this roundabout only allows for traffic to flow for one street. Try walking there, too, it's a bit like a living Frogger game.

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City set to create special residents-only parking zone in portion of Oread neighborhood

The solution (for these two houses) seems entirely reasonable to me. You cannot park in front of someone's driveway, either, but the road runs in front of it. Allowing these two homes, likely older, historic properties, space for 2 cars but not designating the entire neighborhood restricted is a nice compromise. The space required isn't much more than the width of a driveway plus the space on each side needed for a car to back in and out, and defintely is not wider than the dreaded double driveway, which takes up a heck of a lot of onstreet parking for those non-residents looking for a free spot.

I assume anyone against allowing the residents a chance to park near their house will be protesting double and single driveways in the Oread neighborhood as they actively decrease onstreet parking, which is clearly the most important thing.

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Saturday Column: Changes in Lawrence attitude aren’t for the better

I'm one of those graduates (twice over - both undergrad and grad school) who decided to move back to Lawrence just a little over a year ago. When I was planning to do so, knowing my job was in KC and I'd have to commute, half the people I know said I was nuts to commute that far but the other half all said "they'd love to live in Lawrence". So it's clear not everyone sees Lawrence negatively or as being headed down the wrong path, and those that love Lawrence really love the place.

I love it here, my wife and son love it here, and none of us see the town in the same light as the author of this article does. If you measure success solely on business growth, that's a really limited view of the world. Lawrence is a great place to live, and a great place to raise a family. The quality of life here is outstanding, cultural activities abound, downtown businesses have higher occupancy rates than any town of this size I've seen, and there are enough businesses and restaurants that there is rarely a reason to have to drive in to Kansas City, which I find to be a good thing. If only my office would move to Lawrence, I'd rarely leave this town.

And while I assume I am younger than the author, the other two times I lived in Lawrence KU was still in the Big 8, so I'm not that young. I also do not see Lawrence as all that different, but the rest of the state has swung so far to the right I suspect those who see Lawrence, now, negatively, have shifted to the right as well. I agree with the commenter above who said Lawrence has always been the loony, liberal left in the view of the rest of the state. Having come and gone from Lawrence now three times, it still seems like Lawrence to me, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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Citizen's petition calls for smoking ban on Massachusetts Street

I am a bit torn on banning cars down Mass Street. It's overall auto emissions that I'm truly concerned about. I don't want to do anything to harm business downtown, because it's the heart and soul of Lawrence.

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Citizen's petition calls for smoking ban on Massachusetts Street

Simply, there is no way anyone accumulated cigarette tar on their head from walking around downtown, and I'm not aware of any second level smoking areas where even ash could fall on anyone's head.

I walk downtown frequently, and I have never left smelling of cigarette smoke, ever. While I appreciate the ban on indoor smoking at businesses because I don't like smelling of smoke after eating dinner, even when I lived with a smoker I never accumulated tar on my head. Something else is going on if someone has a tar like substance on their head and unless they can provide a sample to show it's cigarette induced tar, I won't believe it.

There are several very significant air pollutants that really do damage our, and our kids', lungs - car exhaust, industrial pollution, coal power plants. Petitions to improve pollutants from those sources are something I could get behind.

This petition to ban outdoor smoking on Mass Street strikes me as being nothing more than someone doesn't like smoking, so no one should do it anywhere he or his kids could see them.

Unless cigarettes are completely outlawed, I think smoker's rights have been sufficiently curtailed. And no...please don't accuse me of being a smoker...I don't, never have been one either, but I do believe even smokers have rights, too.

If this petition is considered and debated by city hall, I'll show up to speak. That's the democratic process in action.

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Haskell Avenue may reopen earlier than expected; Dick's Sporting Goods expected to announce opening date soon

So...um...all those houses on 19th Street are NOT residential? That's all I can assume since the city repeatedly tells people to use 19th due to the construction on 23rd.

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Downtown may become home to outdoor fitness center; new central Lawrence trail may open by April

If the point is to put the equipment near the existing playground equipment so parents can exercise while their kids play on the playground, why would they put it on the east side of Mass? Do they want small children to run across a busy street to tell Mom and Dad something? Leave the east side of the park alone - it has more of a traditional green space feel to it than the west side.

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