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Letter: Legalized drugs

Don't we have to take into consideration why the weak people may be weak...and why the strong people may be strong? This can get very complicated. There are no easy answers.

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Veritas graduation celebrates faith, family

Veritas Grads....CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Don't ever let anyone who is of no faith deter you from the grand future God has in store for you. There are those right here in Lawrence who would try...(as per some of the comments on this thread)...but you are walking in the LIGHT...you will make a DIFFERENCE in this world!! I can't imagine that you have ANY idea how very many people are so proud of you! Go, with your heads held high, to reach the goals you have set for yourselves.

May God's blessings be with each of you all the days of your lives. Amen.

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Veritas graduation celebrates faith, family

Thank you, Frankie8, for this incredible list!!

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Faith Forum: Can prayer really heal people?

Both essays make very interesting reading, Rev. Dr. Pam and Rev. Shaun. I agree with both of you on, to me, the most important parts of both your essays.

From Rev. Dr. Pam:
"And do you believe in life after death? I would argue that this is the greatest of healings — a gift that comes with faith."

Yes, I agree.

From Rev. Shaun:
"Jesus healed to make a point — to prove that He was who He claimed to be. That His message is true. And, He gave His first-century followers the ability to do miracles in order to authenticate their message, which is recorded in the New Testament. Simply put, this message is that Jesus is God and He came to save the world from the worst of diseases: sin.
We pray for physical healing because we believe that God can and does mercifully heal people sometimes. But, the Bible nowhere promises physical healing in this life. For every person who believes in Jesus Christ, the true promise of the Bible is for ultimate healing in the next life."

Yes, I agree, Rev. Shaun.

Thank you both for making it clear that the healing we all need the most is for our weary, sin-sick souls.

I know of someone who can speak on the subject of healing with great authority. No, she has not been physically healed. Her name is Joni Eareckson Tada and here is a link to her story...it's about 40 minutes long, but worth every second you listen to this incredible woman.


(If you go to the bottom right of the video, you can click on the "enlarge box" and get a full-screen picture.)

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Faith Forum: Who is your favorite lesser-known Bible character and why?

@ queequeg...Not that I have to respond in Reverend Rivers' behalf, but, yes...he understood the question perfectly...and oh, how I enjoyed his answer!!

Reverend Rivers...excellent description of my Jesus...I can tell we are kindred spirits, and there's nothing more precious in life than meeting up with kindred spirits!! Blessings to you!

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Faith Forum: Why does God allow events that kill innocent people, like the recent Texas fertilizer plant explosion and Boston bombings?

Rev. Dr. DeSpain...

I agree with you 100%...and also with William Sloane Coffin when speaking at his son's funeral.

What I've noticed with the commenters on LJW is that so many do, indeed, blame God for EVERYTHING (except good things, of course)...and strangely enough, it is often the agnostics and atheists. I have YET to figure out how one can blame God if one does not believe there IS a God.

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Authorities believe Lana-Leigh Bailey's body was moved to Osage County after killings in Ottawa

VoiceOfReason...your last paragraph is beautifully stated...makes me weep profusely for this little one taken so hideously. Your words have given me comfort. Thank you.

I can only imagine why so many of the searchers need counseling after looking for this precious baby, Lana Leigh...all I could think of while reading this is my beloved granddaughter. I have no more words.

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Gift to help put 'name and face' to cancer care

As a cancer survivor/thriver, I must say the KU Cancer Center has been blessed by Teresa and Tom Walsh. What a caring, generous, and loving couple!! The patient-navigation program is such an important part in the treatment of each patient. As Tsue commented in the article, and it is indeed true...as soon as one hears the word 'cancer', everything else said is immediately forgotten...or simply not processed. The brain seems to go into overload mode. What a blessing to have a nurse (particularly one who has gone through your own type of cancer) beside you to navigate through all the information you have to digest.

I received my care from Florida Hospital Waterman Cancer Center in Tavares, Florida, and from my diagnosis to the last treatment, it was a loving and spiritual environment exactly like a huge, extended family. Everyone knew me on a first name basis (a nick-name, at that!) and everyone, from oncologists to nurses to technicians, became part of my heart. They were ALL incredible. I didn't run into even one grumpy or rude or non-caring person during my whole experience. How many of us can say THAT about any hospital we've ever been to? I certainly cannot.

Patients at KU Cancer Center will benefit immensely from the giving spirits of this wonderful couple!

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Westie, the wheelchair ramp champion

One of the most inspiring stories I've ever read! You go, Westie, and keep on going for a long, long time to come. May God continue bless you and your family...seems He hasn't stopped blessing you in all of your extraordinary 85 years of life! I believe that's because you have honored Him...and never paid attention to being applauded for it. You do what you do for HIS glory, not your own. That is SO evident.

Thanks, Chad, for this wonderful story of an amazing man! We need stories like this to overcome the horrible ones we hear and read about every day. Makes me think, Chad, that you must be quite a wonderful man, yourself, to write about such an inspirational man as Westie. Again, thank you.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Angel Food French Toast at Five Bar and Tables

I enjoy sliced bananas...and 1/4 cup of walnuts = a fabulous (and healthy) snack...but piled on top of FRIED angel food cake and then "smothered" with syrup? I think my heart, and all other organs, would rebel. And, in my wildest imagination, I cannot see this angel food French toast paired with a Bloody Mary. Does not sound at all appealing to me...but, to each his own.

I'm sure some of their other items on the menu would probably be delicious...and quite healthy. A sandwich or a wrap (whole wheat) prepared "my way"...yes, I would definitely try those...and the Salmon lollipops really have me curious...I LOVE Salmon!!

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