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Opinion: ‘Other’ Christians need to speak up

I've observed through the years, and am very surprised, that there are NALT Christians, if any, what with all the hate and malice aimed at even the NALT Christians from the homosexual community. I realize that homosexuals have had a hard row to hoe within the Christian community in many cases...and many other Christians realize this...hence, the NALT Christian "movement".

As we ALL have learned through the years, or so I THOUGHT we all had learned...we all certainly SHOULD have learned by now... that being abrasive and hateful has never solved a problem yet...and never will...from the Christians or the homosexuals...nor in regards to any other social problem when so many disagree in opinions. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of NALT Christians start changing their minds. yourworstnightmare...not a great comment to make when so many are TRYING to bring such diverse attitudes into tolerance and even acceptance of others who believe differently. Very abrasive and I don't see one bit of good your comment could possibly bring to the table. That's sad to me.

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Opinion: ‘Other’ Christians need to speak up

Ron...excellent post, as usual. You always bring information that most people have no idea about if they have not studied the specific topic in depth. I have always enjoyed your vast knowledge of Judaism...and many other religious topics (as well as non-religious).

I quit coming to this site ever since we started having to answer a question to continue. Your pm made me curious! I will answer that after dinner this evening when I have more time to do so. Ron, I always wish you the very best...take care!!

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Murderer and sex offender, both convicted in Douglas County, eligible for parole in August

BTW, LJWorld.com...I show up here less and less due to the garbage in the middle of the page. It won't take much more of that for me to stay away completely. You all can care about that...or not. I would think, as a business, you would care that so many are complaining, but I've been wrong before.

FYI...I refuse to go along with this any longer as of right now. Decision made.

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Murderer and sex offender, both convicted in Douglas County, eligible for parole in August

Why should any of this be surprising to us? It happens all over the country. The victims never get a reprieve, but, oh, my goodness, let's not punish the perpetrators too much!!

Truly disgusting.

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Opinion: Simple caring now seems controversial

??? jonas...why are you "talking in circles"? Why not just quote exactly what Pitts said, when he said it, and the candidate(s) he was referring to?

And, you, Pastor...I would need a lot more information than you and jonas are giving to discredit all Pitts writes...and here you are saying that was "already the case". I have agreed with Pitts many times...and disagreed with him at other times. Please be more clear on what you are talking about before trying to demean a person's integrity. To accuse someone of zero credibility is HUGE...so, please, you and jonas need to offer exact evidence instead of the sorry sort of insinuations you both are using.

I'll be waiting for the exact information. Thank you.

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Letter: Power of prayer

ebyrdstarr...Your response to my post still doesn't negate the fact that you referred to my God as "a magical sky creature"...and doesn't erase your last sentence, "What a sad life it must be to think that none of these things are things to live for." You can yell, "foul", all you want, but I've come to this site often enough through the years to recognize derogatory remarks about Christians in general when I see them, ebyrdstarr, even if those remarks are clothed in the form of addressing one specific commenter.

As for telling me to read an entire thread before I "attack"...how absurd of you to say that I had not...or even that I was "attacking" you. You and your atheist and agnostic friends can dish out any old name-calling and insults you wish, but be called on it, and you are suddenly being "attacked". I think YOU should reread my previous post...I think YOU will see how you twisted it to fit YOUR agenda. I am a Christian, ebyrdstarr, not a door mat. It's no wonder Don't_Tread_On_Me has the username s/he does. (And no, I would never have asked the question of non-believers that Don't_Tread_On_Me asked.)

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Letter: Power of prayer

ebyrdstarr...Why, when disagreeing with "believers", do all the atheists and agnostics have to call believers in God such names as "warped", etc.? And if you know others believe in God, why must you non-believers on LJW.com call my God "a magical sky creature" and other just as demeaning names? Why is that even necessary? I was agnostic for years in my 20's...but I never put believers "down" by handing out the sort of treatment I (and others) have received from non-believers on LJW.com. I studied, read everything I could get my hands on (C.S. Lewis is one of my heroes, a former atheist), prayed, and finally realized THE most incredible relationship with my Lord had developed over that period of time. It was amazing and beautiful...and has become even more amazing and beautiful as the many years have flown by!

But, ebyrdstarr, I still believe in many, many things...as you do. Believing in God, in Jesus, does not alter my joy with the things of this life...my belief system enhances all of those wonderful things in my life. When I see my granddaughter's face light up as she watches me drive into her driveway is a joy that is indescribable! Having enjoyed the work I did for many years was another great joy. My close family, extended family, and beloved friends are another reason to cherish this life. The parts of this beautiful country where I can retreat, either by myself if I have writing or editing to do (on a limited basis at this point in my life!) or with family and/or dear friends, to relax and enjoy the mountains...or the beaches...all such huge blessings. Too many blessings to list right here...

I don't know what you mean by the comment, "What a sad life it must be to think that none of these things are things to live for." Where did you get the idea, that because one believes in God, one cannot, or does not enjoy the blessings we have while on this planet? That they are not worth living for? I can't even imagine where you birthed an idea such as that...I find it incredible that you would even say such a thing. But, after being on and off LJW.com for many years, I must say I'm not surprised.

What IS a sad state of affairs is that we enjoy so many of the same things...and all that separates us from possibly being friends, if we met by chance, is the fact that I believe in God.

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Man convicted of killing Lawrence boy in 1988 up for parole this month

Liberty, wow, can we ever disagree!! I can't even enter a discussion regarding this...not when I have a ten-year-old granddaughter!! Parole for this monster?? I think NOT!!

Some depravities are not open for discussion...and this is one. Period.

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Letter: Power of prayer

We all make choices...every single day...about almost everything. No one is making us believe, or not believe, in anything or anyone. We can choose to marry or stay single. We can choose to eat or starve. We can choose to pursue an advanced education, or not. We can accept or not accept God. This life is all about choices.

This woman (in the two videos) has something to say about Job...and getting through really difficult times...she ought to know. Her neck was broken when she was 17...she's now 62, so her perspective is interesting, to say the least. She's a quadriplegic. She also has had severe chronic pain since going through menopause ten years ago...and three years ago went through breast cancer. She's not just talking the talk, folks. She's walking the walk...even from a wheelchair. And with severe chronic pain. And having had cancer.



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Letter: Legalized drugs

Liberty275, I don't get your question. Families, relationships, lives, are torn apart by the pursuit of another "high". We all know that. If you're related to an addict, it certainly becomes your business.

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